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2023 June

2023 May

2023 April

  • Film Analysis --New content -- Joseph Losey's The Damned, or These are The Damned, or Hallucination. Joseph Losey did some brilliant films, and I understand that if you are familiar with the title(s) you probably love this film, but come on, its threads are so loosely and carelessly woven as to have can-drive-a-truck-through-it problems (P.S. I wrote this header before taking a deep dive in the film and have now a certain affection for it, but the header still stands). 28 April 2023.

2023 March

  • Film Analysis -- New content -- Todd Field's TÁR. A brief analysis in 3 parts: Creating Tár, The Monster Hunter, The Purge. 25 March 2023.

2023 February

  • Film Analysis -- New content -- Robert Altman's 3 Women, an Analysis. Though I've no "favorite" films, 3 Women is one of the favored ones. I explore the reality of the time, the fantasy of Dodge City (the double of Edgar Hart), Altman's use of doubles mixed up with personality theft, also an essential permeability and loss of individuation, take a deep look at Persona in comparison, detour into Janice Rule in The Subterraneans in which she plays another artist, explore the murals and possible Minoan influence, Bodhi Wind's initial concept art, and examine the final dream. February 24.
  • Film Analysis -- New content -- 420, Weed, and the 1969 Surrealist Film Paris N'Existe Pas. A film about time. An analysis in two parts. The first part ponders a possible 420 connection with weed culture that seems to be happening before 420's charted beginning with high school youth in California who later hooked up with the Grateful Dead. But "Flight 420" is associated with weed in this film from 1969. I also discuss how the film not only opens with a Chirico painting but ends with the recreation of one. In the second part, I move on to Kubrick's The Shining. I've previously discussed how Kubrick was influenced by the surrealists, referencing surrealist work in The Shining, and we find another example here. February 12.

2022 16 October

  • Art -- Undertakers & Underselves surrealist art exhibit at the No Tomorrow Gallery in Underground Atlanta. Will have some art on display October 20 - 23. Information off website at Peculiar Mormyrid.
  • Kubrick film analysis - Proofed content - Day of the Fight, just rewrote a couple of paragraphs for clarity.

2022 10 October

  • An Empty Room - New content - An Empty Room. A series of 6 music performance/interviews with which I was involved. Info on Aaron's website.
  • Egregore - New content - Egregore Surrealist Exhibit Documentary. A documentary with which I was involved. Art of mine was also included in the surrealist exhibit in Atlanta in Oct 2021 and is in the catalogue for which I shot photos. Info on Aaron's website.

2022 1 October

2022 29 September

  • Kubrick film analysis - New content Full Metal Jacket Analysis, Part Eight
  • Kubrick film analysis -New content - The Masquerade Waltz, Looking at the use of Shoshtakovich's waltz in Eyes Wide Shut, and comparing it to Khachaturian's waltz in The Masquerade Suite, which was composed for an Othello-like play.

2022 21 September

  • Kubrick film Analysis - Updated content - The Photographer on the moonbus in 2001. An update on his role as also the co-pilot, and looking again at the passengers in the rear of the moonbus. (Interesting also that Kubrick had made the two previous pilot and co-pilot pairings almost twin-like, and now breaks with this.)

2022 9 September

  • Film Analysis - New content - The Lost Oklahoma Films of John Young Johnson, aka Youngdeer -- Research into three films done by John Youngdeer, two in Osage, Oklahoma, in the mid 1924-1925. The Unknown Man, What a Woman Can Do, and, in Cushing, Oklahoma in 1926, Tragedies of the Osage Hills on the Osage Reign of Terror.

2022 4 September

  • Photography - New content - Rock Eagle, Georgia, an early Native American site. Photographs and essay on a 2006 visit.

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