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The Angel's Trumpet Gallery

October 2011

Portraits of Angel Trumpets in my mother-in-law's yard. The Angel's Trumpet is a brugmansia, a popular ornamental plant that, often unbeknownst to the gardener, is toxic, and can produce hallucinations and psychosis if ingested--not trippy hallucinations, but frightening ones. So don't go chewing on them or making them into tea. In indigenous cultures they have medical applications, most frequently external. Originating in South America, they are extinct in the wild so all that are left are those that have been cultivated. Britannica states, "Given that the fruits shrivel on the plants without producing offspring, it is thought that their animal disperser(s) must now be extinct, possibly giant ground sloths or other megafauna that once roamed the Americas." That's a long time for these plants to have been kept around through cultivation by humans.