Study for a Sunday Stroll, 2022

Digital painting after a photo of Taya by Darren Thomas
23 by 30 inches

This started out with my seeing a photo by Darren Thomas of Taya at a museum, and though it was in a museum the attire sprang me over to feeling an English version of Seurat's "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte", even though it had nothing to do with it at all, and I was visualizing doing something with it as part of my "Out of Time" series. I asked if I could digitally paint the photo and got permission and started work on it. I worked on the "Out of Time" part and returned over and over and was never quite satisfied. Despite all best practices (always masking, vacs and boosted) came down hard with Covid, and as I returned from it I elected to try to finish this painting. I got it to the point where it was near completion, then I realized I wasn't going to be satisfied until I wrecked it with great blobs of pseudo-pointillism blobs of grain, because that's where my brain had started, with an English version of "A Sunday on La Grand Jatte" down the line of my "Out of Time" series. So here it is. Begun some time ago. Finished by Covid brain.

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