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The Atlanta History Center Gallery


The Atlanta History Center gallery on my website is spare. When I look at their website I think perhaps I should go make an excursion, but we had a membership for a couple of years when Aaron was a child and--as visitors, rather than researchers exploring archives--we never managed to feel any engagement with the place, none of us. Perhaps it would be different now. Perhaps it would feel more inclusive of the "all" of Atlanta now. Fourteen years ago, it still felt like there was the Atlanta History Center for one kind of Atlanta history, and then there was the Martin Luther King National Park and Memorial for another kind of Atlanta history, and it was the Martin Luther King National Park and Memorial that brought me to tears with such a simple display as the well-worn shoes of Civil Rights marchers. Fourteen years ago, at the Atlanta History Center, I felt so "outside" its temperament, like I was in a wedding and event venue park, that there was nothing I cared to photograph. Admittedly, I even felt a certain hostility toward the place. Maybe now I might just go and take pictures of the trees. I've never seen the Cyclorama that famously or infamously commemorates Atlanta's Civil War history, have stayed away from it intentionally, but now I perhaps should see how the Atlanta History Center has attempted/chosen to interpret it with the move of the Cyclorama from Grant Park to its grounds. There are only 5 images in this gallery and, for me, the one most relevant was the photo of the old Atlanta buildings preserved on the site observed with the construction crane beyond.