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McDonough Fall Festival Dancers

October 2007

The McDonough fall festival was about vendors in a parking lot and a few big inflatables to keep kids happy while the parents shop and purchase eats. At least, that's about all that we saw going on. Plus the dancers. There was a small stage beyond it all, in the park (and the park is quite nice, with trails and historical buildings relocated there). Maybe there were other performing artists, but during the couple hours we were there we didn't see anything other than different groups of dancers from the area, and it only lasts a day. No musicians or story tellers etc. I didn't see a program and looking online I have found no program of events.

I'm not being disparaging. I'm just recounting what we saw and as I can find no info online about the event I doubt there's much more to it. The free play time on the inflatables was great for the kids. My son. and his cousins and lots of other children were all over them and having a grand time. Which is why we were there, for the inflatables.

Most of the dancers were probably all from dance schools in McDonough. This group was perhaps associated with a local church. I don't know. They were dancing to a modern gospel song, performing in front of a bright red barn and there were speakers all about. But the dancers were wonderfully expressive in form and face, and their dresses flowed beautifully. So I took photos planning on working on them in Photoshop, hoping to communicate something of their passion. I don't know who they were, the older woman who was perhaps their instructor, and and the younger women who would now be fully established in their lives and careers, but I remain fascinated by their faces in 2022 and returned to the images to do several more.

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