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The Cover-up Cafe

Our first trip through Roswell, New Mexico was in 2006. When we returned in 2008, the Cover-up Cafe, which had been located at 2nd Street and Main, where we'd had a fairly nice, fundamental diner style lunch in 2006, was closed. My initial gallery I concentrated on a few shots focusing on the diner and the chocolate milk, which was for me had become a focal point. Returning to the gallery in 2022, I wanted to pick back up and focus on the personal story that was happening for the Second Gallery, which was my son not only drinking his chocolate milk but playing with his new alien toy he'd just gotten at the International UFO Museum, which he makes a story out of, first showing it in front of the menu, then reading the menu, then peering over the menu at the camera, shots during which we can see the Bail Bonds and other signs across the street, and supplies context for those signs displayed on a building which has since been torn down and replaced by a small park.

I did a series of Southwest Seekers digital paintings and used one of the images as a base reference for this painting.

Second Gallery