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Brien has spent considerable miles and time building his collection of fried pie wrappers.

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MMMMM! Fried pie wrappers! Our thanks goes to Brien, from whose fine collection of fried pie wrappers these selections are on indefinite loan to BigSofa for display and education of the public in the lost art of fried pie memorabilia.

T n'T Fried Pie

T n' T Raisin Fried Pie Wrapper.
Notice the Pennsylvania Dutch graphics.
Healthy! No cholestrerol!

Towne House Pinapple Pie

Towne House Pineapple Fried Pie Wrapper.
"Real Fruit!"

Early Morn Coconut Fried Pie Wrapper.

Mrs. Baird's Apple Pie

Mrs. Baird's Apple Fried Fuit Pie Wrapper.

B&G Apple Pie

B&G Apple Fried PieWrapper.

Captain John Derst Apple Pie

Captain John Derst Apple Fried Pie Wrapper.
"Real Fruit!"

Butter Krust Apple Pie

Butter Krust Apple Fried Pie Wrapper.
"Made with real fruit"

Home Run Pineapple Pie

Home Run Pineapple Fried Pie Wrapper.

Hostess Apple Pie

Hostess Apple Fried Pie Wrapper.
Honest Abe Appleseed.

Kerns Pineapple Pie

Kerns Pineapple Fried Pie Wrapper.
"Old Fashion De-licious!"

Nolan's Apricot Pie

Nolan's Apricot Fried Pie Wrapper.

Loretta's Apple Pie

Loretta's Apple Fried Pie Wrapper.

Hubig's Apple Pie

New Orleans' own Hubig's Apple Honey Fruit Delight Fried Pie Wrapper

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