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In honor of distinctive and meritorious works proffered via the brave new world of Idyllopus Press ebooks!

Amazing New Magic Eye Revolving Door Technology
Author: Philip K. Dick
Publisher: Bigsofa-Idyllopus Press

AMAZING NEW MAGIC EYE REVOLVING DOOR TECHNOLOGY gets our vote for the most significant epublishing event of the year. Dick fans haven't read it all, thanks to Charley Jones, who recently discovered he was in possession of several manuscripts lamented by the late, drug-induced, paranoia-afflicted writer as mysteriously lost. "I bought this desk at a junk shop, can't remember where. When I was moving it, it seemed heavier than it should be, so I looked in the drawers and they were stuffed with paper," says Charley, an ex-FBI agent now living in retirement in Sarasota, Florida.

Though not known for being a technical writer, PKD does a fine job with AMAZING NEW MAGIC EYE REVOLVING DOOR TECHNOLOGY, which assumes the distinction of metaphorical fiction as none of the devices described actually work--at least not in this universe.

Price: $16.94 ORDER NOW!

Men and Women Broken by the U. S. Govt and the Corporate Establishment and Their Evil Strategies
Author: Aristotle Derringer III
Publisher: Bigsofa-Idyllopus Press
All 507 volumes now available on CD

"What more can be said," says Aristotle Derringer III. "Their lives were ruined. Shattered. Like mine."

Click here for excerpts.

Price: $4.90 ORDER NOW!!

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