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Freud's couch*
not the bigsofa

relevance has nothing to do with it

BIGSOFA, where the mundane is given the respect it deserves, and relevance has nothing to do with context

the resident manager

BIGSOFA is the Castro Convertible of Sofas. You could put wheels on it and ride down the street in style. The Merkaba of Merkabas. The Gold Chariot of the Sofa Kings. It is the relic of a time when the crowning glory of consumption was a Bad Couch and the altar upon which you placed your offerings to the evidence of your Sunday casino success was the coffee table. During the mundane week the Bad couch vestibule was off-limits. One dared not step foot on the carpet of the immaculates. Only on the day deity rested was one allowed to come near to the high holiness of bad couch, and then only if there were visitors, and not just any visitors, but visitors appropriately attired to command a seat in the Waiting Room of Oz which aspired to look like a Las Vegas Restroom.

the resident manager

welcome to the polite bigsofa. bigsofa used to be playful, boldly naive, even garish. it had joy, it had fun, it was a child in the sun. endlessly, bigsofa dawdled around about nothing in particular, no cruel word ever passing its lips, no trace of the sardonic showing between its teeth, bigsofa was simply what it was which was a proferring of friendly whimsey.

there was a plan, of sorts. an ambition which fluffed bigsofa's cushions, which inspired it to dig up lamps (and shades for them) to highlight its ostentatious, bad gold fabric and to periodically change their burned-out lightbulbs, made it eager to provide amenities like long straws for cool drinks and daily vacuum the rug at bigsofa's feet. never mind that now--the sofa's prevailing intention was to present itself as a rambling, unruly realization of the mundane, the apparently-without-consequence which pads our lives between birth and death. thus the long drawn-out build without a seeming punch line (when actually the punch line was presented very early on).

here is the first page of what bigsofa used to look like. well, it was the first page after the enter/index page. click here and a new page will open in your browser. when done, click the page away and return here.

now that you've gotten a glimpse of how bright and eye-popping bigsofa used to be (maybe you even read the text) continue on...


The "core" of bigsofa requires a color-coded navigation scheme. White links to the new "core". Tan links to the "old."

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*Freud's couch image from the web, visit the Sigmund Freud museum to view his couch in all its colorful glory.

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