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IDYLLOPUS PRESS : BIG SOFA : Irene de Mandible

"Relevance has nothing to do with it"
--credited to Irene de Mandible

Irene de Mandible

Irene de Mandible, astral travel agent, encourages you to wake up to places you've never been before.

Irene makes Mushroom People.

She also composes MUSHROOM STORIES!

Wasn't Irene pleased when Mondo Pop, of Mondo Heptet, asked her to do a regular column for his website.

But then his website went away...

Many summers ago, in preparation for an invitation to read some of her poetry at Wymsey Village's Wymfest, she fasted and prepared with strenuous exercises of a variety of disciplines. When the time came for the poetry reading, she was instead moved to sing. Hear her rendition of "Revolution" at Wymsey Village Radio, for she serves as ambassador to Mexico, Latin and South America and all extraterrestrials.

Continue to Irene's home page for the Wymsey Embassy to the area from the Mexican border with the USA to Cape Horn in Chile and all off-earth territories

Irene's First Day after Thanksgiving Speech as Ambassador

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