View Down the Overlook/Timerline Mountain – Revisiting “The Shining” – Google Maps Redux Art


Viewing down the Mountain, Revisiting “The Shining”, Google Maps Redux Art


Viewing down the Mountain 2, Revisiting “The Shining”, Google Maps Redux Art

Kubrick opens many of the sections with a shot looking up the mountain from below, such as here on Tuesday and here on Saturday. On the supposed intervening Thursday, when the lodge has been snowed in, Kubrick chooses instead to open with Wendy and Danny playing in the snow and Jack looking out the window.

The above spruced up shots from Google Maps give us an idea of what it is to look down the mountain from the lodge. One has the impression of gazing over the world, and even the maze itself, the world maze.

The studio set shows the maze in front of the lodge. Though the hedge maze is clearly not observed before the real Timberline in aerial shots and the looking-up-from-down-the-mountain shots (because, of course, it wasn’t there in real life) and in some books the studio facade and maze is stated to be behind the Overlook, the Snow Cat’s approach to the real Timberline/Overlook strongly suggests we should see the studio maze as in the front.

What we never see in the movie, which can be observed in Google Maps, is that the mountain before the lodge is a veritable maze of ski slopes traversing every which way. With the tall trees acting as obscuring maze hedges, try entering this without directional guide posts. Even with guide posts observed in Google Maps, it is easy to become lost.


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