Entering the West Tunnel (Revisiting the Shining)


Entering the West Tunnel, Revisiting The Shining, Google Redux


Entering the West Tunnel #2, Revisiting The Shining, Google Redux

Using Google maps as a base, imagined views from the yellow beetle in The Shining, if the yellow beetle could transport itself to now. There are two tunnels on the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park, just as there are two St. Mary’s lakes (an upper and a lower). The film shows the beetle entering the west tunnel which is between Logan’s Pass and the loop back. So, the beetle is still traveling west but it is on another section of the road which has it actually going the opposite direction on the Going-to-the-Sun-Road from the other opening shots. The two tunnels look much alike but the west tunnel can be distinguished as the appropriate one by the parking before and after.

The Shining - Scatman Crothers title and the white station wagon[clear]

If you click ahead a couple of arrows on the below Google map, you’ll be moved into a position in which you can see to the right the slim area in which the right station wagon is parked in the film.

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