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About Big Sofa

Big Sofa went online in 1998 during the era of the visually primal internet and Bigsofa made the most of it with intentionally gaudy graphics such as the Big Sofa Pink Eye of Relevance which were eventually nudged politely to the corners by the understated array of Not Big Sofas keeping gate at each section of the website.

99.999% of the material was placed by 2000 but the website went through periodic rennovations up to 2002 and the html, sometimes hellishly conflicted yet readable, now bears resemblance to jumbled layers of a town site archaeological dig.

Why Big Sofa? Because we had lucked into a circa mid twentieth century Big Sofa at the time, which bit the dust around 2002, and because first there was the listgroup, Big Sofa, which I had started, and was relatively short-lived but (I realize now) remarkably active and fruitful...but then I hounded all listers to particpate in the nonsense that was being tossed about.

So, the website followed close on the heels of the list. Though it was partly intended to entertain the Sofers and a few friends in those pre-blog days before Google ruled and website discoveries were made via following trails of links, the heart of the website Big Sofa is here.

relevance has nothing to do with it

And be sure to visit Irene's mushroom men!

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