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Register your sofa today with the bigsofa official registry of sofas!
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Register your sofa with BIGSOFA today and make it an official BIGSOFA RECOGNIZED SOFA! Just write to BIGSOFA with a description of your sofa and its name and we will enter it into our OFFICIAL BIGSOFA REGISTRY OF SOFAS! The OFFICIAL BIGSOFA REGISTRY OF SOFAS will be displayed on our site! Don't delay! There is no charge! The cost is zip, zero! E-mail us today and state clearly, "I want to register my sofa with bigsofa!" Give us the name of your sofa and a description (this may include as little or as much description as you like, such as color, style, age, where you got the sofa, how much you paid for it or if it was free, and if the sofa belonged to Geraldine Chaplin at one point we would certainly want to know that or if Elvis Presley sat on the sofa with you last week and ate boiled peanuts and drank beer) and we will e-mail you its OFFICIAL BIGSOFA REGISTRY NUMBER which you will want to print out and frame for display, carry in your wallet, or tack to the bottom or back of your sofa! We will also enter it into our OFFICIAL BIGSOFA REGISTRY OF SOFAS to which this page links!! Don't delay! Just click on the address below!!!! *


Picture IT! YOUR description of your sofa, a childhood sofa, or some sofa memory (or sofa-related memory) on our YOU DESCRIBE YOUR SOFA page. The cost is zip, zero. No charge to you. At all. Why are we doing this? Because we value you, the people who come to visit us at BigSofa! And we're interested! As will be many other people who visit our site who will expressly go to the YOU DESCRIBE YOUR SOFA page just so they can see YOUR DESCRIPTION of YOUR SOFA!!! E-mail us and state that you would like to see your description of your sofa or your sofa memory on our YOU DESCRIBE YOUR SOFA page! Just click on the address below!!! Don't delay!!! **

* Those articles of furniture which may be registered as an OFFICIAL BIGSOFA SOFA and/or be entered on our BIGSOFA PAGE OF YOUR SOFA DESCRIPTIONS include: sofas, couches, divans, love seats and futons and articles of furniture very much like them or things which are intended to serve as substitutes for sofas, couches, divans, love seats and futons and such. Big chairs don't count. Neither do beds. We're unsure about daybeds. The age and condition of the sofa or sofa-like article of furniture does not matter. And actually it doesn't have to even be your sofa or sofa-like article of furniture. You can register for a friend! Surprise them!

** BIGSOFA reserves the right not to post on our site your description of your sofa or your memory of a sofa. Well, of course we reserve that right. But this is just to let you know that we will not just automatically put up every sofa description or memory that comes our way. "My sofa is green," would, yes, pass our editorial board, if you're worried that your description might be too dull for us, as would, "I had many hours of pleasure on that sofa," but what exactly was carnally accomplished with whom or what on the sofa would not pass the editorial board nor are we interested in seeing such submissions. I mean, you would have to be really artful with your metaphor to get it past us by really impressing us with how artful with metaphor you are so much so that we would scarcely have a clue what you were masking with metaphor. As very few are really good at metaphor (though a good number probably think they would be) we prefer submissions of other types.

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