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The Official BigSofa Registry of Sofas

BS#0001 BIGSOFA, "Castro Convertible", sofabed, early 1960's Las Vegas modern, gold brocade fabric, 7 feet 9 inches long. 1998-04 acquired used and in fair to good condition from Boomerang in Atlanta. Belongs to idyllopus.
BS#0002 TIM'S FUTON, basic black metal tubular frame with double futon covered in black and white houndstooth slipcover. Given to idyllopus when Tim moved back to Los Angeles in the fall of 1998. Tim was a guitar tech for Marilyn Manson at the time.
BS#0003 AARON'S PLAY SOFA, early American type 70's family room sofabed recovered in a medium blue nubby fabric, pretty well on its last legs. Acquired from a thoroughly respectable family room.
BS#0004 LONG LIFE FUTON, double, burgundy slipcover, purchased by idyllopus in 1989 from a real live futon store. Made from 100% cotton on the premises.
BS#0005 1999-05-28Honorary registration of the ELVIS ARON (AARON) PRESLEY'S JUNGLE ROOM SOFA at the Original Unofficial Elvis Homepage
BS#0006 1999-05-28Honorary registration of the ELVIS ARON (AARON) PRESLEY'S SOPHISTICATED WHITE LIVING ROOM SOFA at the Original Unofficial Elvis Homepage
BS#0007 1999-05-28Honorary registration of the ELVIS ARON (AARON) PRESLEY'S WEIRD BASEMENT SOFA at the Original Unofficial Elvis Homepage
1999-05-28MARTA'S LIVING ROOM SOFAS. Two sofas in a floral print, but not prissy...muted pink in just the right shade and lots of greenery.
BS#0010 1999-05-28MARTA'S STUDY SOFA...some knock-off ultra suede in a camel color.
BS#0011 1999-05-28MARTA'S FOURTH AND NEWEST SOFA: Gold brocade, "Brady Bunch Sofa" reminiscent of poor taste in days gone past. Is rather large. Sits on four wheels very low to the ground. Custom-made in Lancaster, PA for a woman 4'11" tall. Click here for more details on all of Marta's sofas.
1999-05-28An honorary registration is respectfully advanced the two sofas of a marigold color pictured in the living room virtual home of Timothy Leary.

1999-06-04Marta submitted to me the following URLS as places to pursue indiviuals on sofas:

Tom Petty Online Magazine:
Stephen Hawking Resource Page:
Official Martha Stewart Living Page:
Norman Mailer, his life and works: "Tough guys don't dance but can often be found lounging on big sofas," Marta wrote. (She was wrong.)
The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore:
Jim Morrison Tribute Page:
Nikola Tesla Tribute Page:
Vlade Divac Basketball Page:

I thought Marta meant she had checked these sites out and they had sofas. Only one of these sites had sofas, or kind of sofas. Ever been on a band's touring bus? Some are cushy and some are not so cushy. I have no idea of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers own or rent their touring buses, but the Tom Petty Online Magazine gave us a glimpse of a couple of bus interiors with bus sofas.

An honorary BigSofa registration is offered the two bus sofas upon which The Heartbreakers are seated, featured in this link.

An honorary BigSofa registration is also offered the bus sofa which can be seen via this link, along with Tom Petty meditating on TV.
BS#0016 1999-06-04While we're on the subject of band touring buses. If convenient, they are cramped and rough, nowhere you want to live without privacy or anything but a chemical urinal for 40 days and nights. Buses like these are not a smooth ride. They're bumpy. If the bus driver is cranky they can get real bumpy. However, after some bruises, you soon get your bus legs and can be proud of your new sense of balance. The satellite TV will not likely work, and the bus is too loud for you to listen to the VCR, but if the bus isn't appropriately outfitted for its "talking freight" then entertainment is constantly provided by its behaving as if haunted by a thousand poltergeists, cabinet doors and drawers slamming open and closed. What isn't glued down, falls down. Imagine trying to catch the contents of an entire refrigerator as the bus goes around a sharp curve. Oops, didn't manage? Time to mop up that sticky floor again. Or you open the refrigerator and find that someone put several opened beverages in it, the contents of which are all over the food you'd boxed so it wouldn't fly out of the refrigerator.

Anyway, I now register the bus sofas from the Summer-Fall 1998 SM tour. Here are the sofas of the first bus, a Silver Eagle, the generator of which went the first day, then someone left the sky light window open and it was gone and a big branch from a tree was lying in the back lounge(a rain storm followed of course), and then the side mirror was ripped off, and the outside horn was bashed in by trees or a wall, and the lock on the door fell out, and in Detroit that bus (which had last serviced Julio Inglesias on tour) was replaced (as well as the driver, who was named Thoth) by bus 2, which you will notice looks much the same as bus 1, a dark cave. In fact the interiors are so much the same that I have used the same photo for both buses, because I no longer recall which bus was which. This second bus' generator went dead in Texas, and we rode the entire state through withot air conditioning. See those windows above the sofas? They don't open. And there are no windows in the bunk area. Then we had a third bus for a brief while, which was exactly the same, then we were switched back to the second bus for some reason, the generator of which had yet to be repaired. There were no lights, of course.

Anyway, these were the DISCO buses. Dark, dark. Everything dark. Everything mirrored. Little lights raced around an oval mirror set in the bus' front lounge ceiling, reminding me of a combination of am early 80's Swensons (an ice cream/sandwich shop that wanted to be both family suburban Disco and somehow evocative of an 1890's ice cream parlor) and a Star Trek holographic reconstruction of a casino, designed courtesy of the impish Q who whisks everyone there and you will be doomed to spend eternity at the blackjack tables, forever trying for 21, unless you can find your way back, only something is already going wrong with the set-up, the lights fading in and out. Yes, the generator is about to die and now you must find your way out of the labyrinth before the generator goes dead, or you will have to ride with the bus driver who took us from Detroit to Texas, and have to listen to his drivel, his racist slurs, his tirades at other drivers, and he will be upset that you do not worship his bus and will torture your ass in his passive-aggressive manner. I was, however, practicing gratitude, and Aaron was happy.

But then there was the second tour...

Since all those bus sofas were essentially the same sofa, I am registering them as one sofa.
1999-06-04Lenore submits for honorary sofa registrations, these sofas at Cher's Malibu home as pictured in "The Cher Photo Gallery". They are peachy color and gold color sofas. She gets two registry numbers, one for the peachy color sofa(s) and one for the gold color sofa(s). (Checking links 3/2000 I don't see this site up anymore. Oh well. So I've removed the link. The sofas, wherever they are, remain registered.)

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