Revisiting “Eyes Wide Shut” – The Pink Pussycat – Google Maps Redux Art


The Pink Pussycat – Revisiting “Eyes Wide Shut” – Google Maps Redux


Next to the Pink Pussycat – Revisiting “Eyes Wide Shut” – Google Maps Redux


Down the Road from the Pink Pussycat – Revisiting “Eyes Wide Shut” – Google Maps Redux

After the Greenwich anchor of 3rd and Sullivan in “Eyes Wide Shut”, Kubrick has Bill walking through a set version of the village. He follows this with a green screen of Bill walking past The Pink Pussycat, which was an easy place to find. However, there is something interesting going on as far as a difference between the street we see in the film and what we see on Google maps.


You’ll notice in the above grab from the film, that we don’t seem to have an open road behind Bill, instead we have a “T” road with it ending at a building, and the taxis turn left at that point. In Google Maps we see no such building, nor does it look like there has ever been such a building there. So was it a facade put up for the shoot?

The Google map of the location.

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  1. this was definitely shot in New York and we are actually looking right towards where the IFC center is around the corner from the end of that block. Anyway it seems that the part of that building has been demolished since EWS was shot. The tan tall building to the right of the frame is still there and visible on Google maps. the smaller Grayish building is not there anymore and a large portion of sidewalk is there instead. The cabs have to turn left at the end there because it is a one way not because they can’t go straight. The T shape street is an illusion because the street starts to curve towards the end of the block so from the anlge we are looking at Bill the street seems to end. I don’t believe any of the “real” nyc scenes were altered in any specific artistic way

  2. Wow, fantastic job! I love ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, it’s one of my favorite films ever and you’ve done a great job finding these locations, so well done. I’ve always wondered where the street shots were filmed, and whether they were London dressed up as New York! Thanks again.

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