Analysis of Michelangelo Antonioni's
Zabriskie Point

Antonioni's films are rife with themes, peculiarities and incongruities which largely go unnoticed due his deft care in handling them and the abundant and rich audio and visual textures in which he immerses us, but they are also responsible for the sense of mystery that defies a traditional expectation of resolutions, infusing Antonioni's films with enigmatic mythic purpose. And myth is never hampered by logic. My analyses explore patterns of use of these elements with the purpose of nudging to the fore secondary plot structures and hints at meaning that may stand in opposition to the seeming lay of the land.

Table of Contents of Zabriskie Point (1970) Analysis:

Part One - Shots 1 thru 91
The Enemy is Invisible

Part Two - Shots 92 thru 282
The Key to Your Future
Sunset Boulevard
Nothing Smaller Than a 38
Become an Independent Man at Sunny Dunes
Who's We?
Where's Daria?
Join Us

Part Three - Shots 287 thru 387
What Kind of Bread Do You Want?
Some Ghost Town

Part Four - Shots 388 thru 616
Member U.S. Championship Sleeping Team
Death Valley and Ancient Lake Beds
El Dorado

Part Five - Shots 617 thru 805
No War, No Words
1110 News
If We Find Water Here, We Can Certainly Find Gold

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