Rosemary Williams, the Showgirl, on the TV show "What's My Line" in 1966

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Rosemary Williams, the showgirl and photographer's model who Kubrick photographed for a prospective LOOK feature, by 1966 had married George Kastner and partnered with him in running the White Stallion Dude Ranch in Hillsdale, NY, on route 23. She was featured on the "What's My Line" show, June 12 1966. Skip to about 21:20 to view her segment below.

George Kastner, her husband, was on "To Tell the Truth" on June 5th, 1961. He was a decoy contestant in the first round in which the celebrities were trying to guess who was the sculptor, Korczak Ziolkowski. He is in the first segment. At about 8:20 George idenitifies himself as George Kastner who owns and operates the White Stallion Ranch in Hillsdale.

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