Analysis of Michelangelo Antonioni's Blow-up
Analysis Table of Contents

Antonioni's films are rife with themes, peculiarities and incongruities which largely go unnoticed due his deft care in handling them and the abundant and rich audio and visual textures in which he immerses us, but they are also responsible for the sense of mystery that defies a traditional expectation of resolutions, infusing Antonioni's films with enigmatic mythic purpose. And myth is never hampered by logic. My analyses explore patterns of use of these elements with the purpose of nudging to the fore secondary plot structures and hints at meaning that may stand in opposition to the seeming lay of the land.

Table of Contents of Blow-up (1966) Analysis:

Part One - Shots 1 thru 131
Ah! Isis (The Revelers and the Doss House)
A Plane to Catch for Paris at 11
The Photo Shoot of the Birds
Something to Hang Onto, "Like That Leg"
They Say They Were Asked to Come There

Part Two - Shots 132 thru 242
What Do You Want?
We Haven't Met, You've Never Seen Me
The Purchase of the 8 Lb. Propeller
It'll Go Like a Bomb
Free to Do What
Go Away

Part Three - Shots 243 thru 416
Jane Visits Thomas' Studio
The Initial Developments
"You Weren't Expecting Us, Were You"

Part Four - Shots 417 thru 524
Thomas Returns to the Park
Were You Looking for Something Just Now?

Part Five - Shots 525 thru 604
I Am In Paris
Thomas' Ears Are Opened and He Disappears

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