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Atlanta 2016

This shows 14th Street and West Peachtree in Midtown, while construction was ongoing for the Atlantic House ("luxury" apartments), formerly the location of an Einstein Brothers Bagel eatery, and this little strip of shops that was early mid 20th century photogenic against the rising skyscrapers. I took a lot of photos of One Atlantic Center, Atlantic Center Plaza, and Promenade II from the neighboring parking lot/patio of a Starbucks, which to me provided optimal viewing, ignoring the overwhelming stench from Atlanta's sewage system that would often overtake the area. That little Starbucks, bizarrely enough, is still standing.

What caught my eye that particular day was all that orange against the stormy sky.

And I was well aware that several of my favorite spots for taking photos of that area of Midtown were vanishing with the rise of skyscrapers all around shrinking the vertical landscape even while adding to it.

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