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THE INTRO CREDITS - How to transition the faithful audience of the old Twin Peaks into the new world
IT IS IN OUR HOUSE NOW - Comparing the Red Room and the black-and-white room and Henry's apartment building in Eraserhead / Aural and silent worlds, communication without dialogue/ The gramophone and the ear in Blue Velvet / The job given the audience and its function / "It is in our house now" and Blue Velvet
A TOP SECRET JOB IN NEW YORK - The questions posed by the box / 33 Thomas Street as possible inspiration for the monolithic building / Boxes to boxes, a tie-in to the Jacoby scene / The "blown away" guy in the Maxwell Hi-Fidelity ad / The staging and similarities to Lost Highway and Blue Velvet / Our questions concerning the woman with the Z cups of coffee / The anchor of the promised visit / The bonsai and its link to spying in Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet
THE QUESTION OF THE SKUNK, AND BEN AND JERRY HORNE - From the mystery in New York to the return of the Hornes with the story of Mrs. Houseman of New York and the connection to "It's in our house" / The bad girl versus R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the woman / Faithlessness and "Hey Joe" / "In the meanwhile" for Ben and Jerry / Question posed
WHICH SHERIFF TRUMAN - A yellow rose, african violets and their possible relationship to the blue rose / Connecting the solitaire game's Jack of Hearts to One-Eyed Jacks / The problem of the two sheriff Trumans
MR. C VISITS BUELLA - Gender bending / Buella's waiting room / Lucy's demanding to know which two Trumans precdes the appearance of the doppelcoop / Otis as Senior Droolcup / Darya and her paper that links to the insurance salesman's business card
THE MISSING SECURITY GUARD - Linking the missing security guard to the scene at Buella's / Repeated action with a twist preceded by a left-right horizontal flip in orientation / The experiment
BUCKHORN, SOUTH DAKOTA AND THE MYSTERY OF BARNEY, HANK, HARVEY AND CHIP - A strong odor, but not a skunk - 1-1-6 / Punning the arm as arm-strong / The story of Marjorie Green and the keys / A yellow rose, dreamland, and an allusion to Blue Velvet
SOMETHING'S MISSING - My log has a message for you - A bit of history of Margaret and her log - Hawks' heritage
THE BOXES OF THE LAURA PALMER CASE FILES ARE BROUGHT OUT OF STORAGE - The story of Wally, who was of uncertain parentage in the original series / One-Eyed Jacks and Marlon Brando / Prospective many worlds theory only plausible explanation for Wally's birthdate / The peculiar Brennan family photo
HASTINGS QUESTIONED - Thursday night as an anchor for the viewer - Something wrong with her...
WE'RE COMING IN - Kafka and The Metamorphosis / Blue Velvet and the gold Volvo's trunk


PHYLLIS VISITS BILL HASTINGS IN JAIL - The faithlessness and rage behind the temperate gloss of the Hastings marriage / Themes of faithlessness / Dreamland / A dark phantom
YOU FOLLOW HUMAN NATURE PERFECTLY - Mr. C's association with Phyllis / Notes on Windom Earle and Cooper's affair with his wife / Seeming retributions for infidelity / About that left eye
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, "TELL HER SHE HAS THE JOB" - The mirage / Duncan and the dream of the dark phantom in Mulholland Drive / Gender bending of the phantom in Mulholland Drive / The money in the black bag in Mulholland Drive compared to the money transaction in this scene / Elm in Mulholland Drive and Elm Street in The Return
I DON'T NEED ANYTHING - Repeating elements (the train, Jack's dinners, the message to Cooper) / Comparing Lynch/Frost repeating elements to Kubrick's repeating elements, such as his use of trains to represent repetitive cycles / Mr. C, Cooper, Audrey, and the question of need and want
LAURA IS SNATCHED FROM THE RED ROOM - Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and the Red Room / The two Venuses of the Red Room / Repetition of the "Sometimes my arms bend back" scene / The repeating element of "Is it future or is it past?" / Comparing The-Tree-as-the-Arm with similar trees and the monster-child in Eraserhead / The shift of the floor in the Red Room from the original series / The FBI pin
THE MERCEDES HIDDEN - The humiliating massage of Jack's face / Recalibrating audience response to aggression
THE MURDER OF DARYA - What Mr. C wants / Repetition with slight differences / The peculiar circumstances of Ray landing in prison / Buckhorn's location / Let's talk about Phillip Jeffries / And Judy ? And who was actually speaking with Mr. C / Jeffries' reappearance in 1989 coincident with a splitting or doubling of Cooper's reality / Considering the meaning of the use of the Black Hills / Does Buckhorn leave any associative relationship with the Hornes and the Horne lodge
TIME AND TIME AGAIN - The implications of time and time again / The injunction to find Laura / The fragmented and beheaded Venus / The black horse / Non-existent
COOPER FALLS INTO THE GLASS BOX - Repeat of Tracey and Sam in New York / The misalignment of windows in a neighboring building perhaps connected with the doubling and misalignment we had observed in the Red Room / The glass box envisioned as an eye in this scene / The zigzags on the floor of the Red Room and the waterfall -- Comparing this scene to Henry's dream in Eraserhead / The starry effect compared to the particulates of Henry's brain
SARAH PALMER - Difference between the Palmer living room when observed from the inside as opposed to the street view, the lights in the windows not the same / The detritus of a lifetime of agony / Multiple reflections of violence / Meditation on human violence / The rationale of the killing of the water buffalo being followed by the scene at the Roadhouse
THE BANG BANG BAR - Colonial beer and the lions / Chrome vision


COOPER PASSES THROUGH AN ELECTRICAL OUTLET - A violet lotus world / The transforming of the viewer into an experiencer rather than only a witness / comparing the darkness above the balcony to the non-existent 7th floor in Blue Velvet / The mauve world and the woman in the red dress compared to Dorothy in her mauve apartment in Blue Velvet / The violet world, the mauve world, and Jacoby's eyeglasses / The relationship of the violet world to ??????? / A blind woman as "Non-existent Path" / The relationship of the woman falling off the "roof" to Dorothy in Blue Velvet / The Blue Rose on the table / On Ronette Pulaski and her relationship to fire / Transformation of energy and the switch of the outlet from 15 to 3 / The balance of 2?52 / 2:52, 2:53, Lincoln and Blue Velvet / 2:52, 2:53, time and the positive and negative principles of the mother.
COOPER IN, DOUGIE OUT - The missing drawer / The green ring / Manufactured / The green chair becomes a blue velvet chair / The missing FBI pin / The opening of the Red Room in proximity of the sycamore though not at Glastonbury Grove in Twin Peaks / Little Rock / Jade give two rides / The serendipity of Cooper-Dougie disappearing by virtue of the speed bump and his dropping of the key / Inherent being and the horse in Le San des Betes, and Eyes Without a Face
THE BLUE PILL - Reversal of 911 for 119 / Salty, crunchy / Black Label / The despair behind the smiling billboard faces of Rancho Rosa / Salt and alchemy and its relation ship to Dougie's combustion.
IT'S NOT ABOUT THE BUNNIES - The problem of knowing what is missing
JACOBY'S SHOVELS - From calling for gas masks in South Dakota, to Lucy dealing with a gas bubble twenty-five years ago, to Jacoby wearing a protective mask while painting his shovels, and the relationship to Cooper's and Albert's discussion on skrying the associative
CALL FOR HELP - You can go out now / Lincoln and the five dollars, the Lincoln car's clock, Lincoln Street / The silver Mustang and the pale horse / Meg Foster and They Live / The starry rug / Dougie-Cooper as the innocent fool
FBI HEADQUARTERS, PHILADELPHIA - The puzzle of the congressman's dilemma and clues as the identity of the killer / Tammy Preston as possibly a woman in one of the photos / Great northern white beans the the Great Northern Lodge / The drugged-out mother's broken lamp and Sammy and Tracey / Gordon Cole, Eraserhead, and Trinity / Gordon's deafness and word play / Kafka at the Hastings and in Cole's office.


THE HOUSE WITH THE RED DOOR - Reversed shots/ Symbolism connecting one-armed bandits and gum and the liberty bell / American dreams / The allied chemical man points before a purple flower / Portrait of Howard Hughes in 1946, the year of his accident / The mustache of Howard Hughes / We're watching you / Lancelot and Merlin and Cooper-Dougie's home / Happy Birthday! / The coincidence of Cooper, who was likely supposed to be Douglas Milford's replacement twenty-five years beforehand, instead replacing another Douglas
DENNIS>DENISE - Camelot and Kennedy / Sideline plots with no explanation and background and how they add substance / Roses and lilies.
BRINGS BACK SOME MEMORIES - The Observer Effect and Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle / Lucy's problem with cell phones / Far away and breaking up / The previously unobserved Twin Peaks behind Twin Peaks / Revivifying the soap opera DNA of the show / Lewis and Clark / My shadow is always with me / Dharma
TRICKED - Mirroring / Tricked / Sonny Jim's response to Dougie-Cooper /Take five / A second owl / I am Dougie's Coffee
ACCESS DENIED - Our timeline begins to fall apart
FACES OF STONE - Mount Rushmore, Lincoln, and faces of stone / Tammy's car sickness and Mr. C's / Up on the wrong side of the bed
I WAS A LITTLE BIT BEHIND SCHEDULE WHEN MY CAR VEERED OVER ACROSS THE ROAD AND I HAD MY ACCIDENT - The shared birthdate with Bill Hastings / 9-22 / Inability to reconcile inconsistencies and apparent errors in the mug shot info / The thumbs up / Yrev / A stony facade / The accident
I KNOW WHERE SHE DRINKS - The blue cast to the scene / Tammy's wire / Albert, Albert, Albert / Why did Albert no tell Gordon about Jeffries and Cooper / The accident


ARGENT 2 - Alter your reality / I am old school / Discussing the chronology thus far / The anchor of the job that was supposed to have been done yesterday / Argent / Similarity of the owl ring symbol to a rune (used coincidentally also by the band, Argent)
TO DOUGIE, WITH LOVE - Janey-E /Speculating on the ring in the stomach and the mystery of Dougie possessing the jade owl ring / That "e"
YOU'RE STILL WITH ME - Comparing Cooper-Dougie's encounter with the mirror and Mr. C's encounter with the mirror
MIKE REJECTS STEVEN'S JOB APPLICATION - Bringing in Mike Nelson, who experienced a time warp with Nadine Hurley losing a number of years with amnesia in the original series
CAN YOU GET A BIGGER BUCKET? - The bucket theme / The problem of how to read Doris
COOPER-DOUGIE'S TEARS - Stormy Doris complaining that expressionless Frank is impossible is followed by Cooper-Dougie who is not so expressionless as we believe for he freely cries when his son assumes a dulled expression
WHERE IS DOUGIE'S CAR? BACK AT RANCHO ROSA - The death-trap car theme, from the doppel's wreck with his car's poisonous interior, to Mike's car dealership's rejection of Steven, to the problem with Doris' father's car, to Dougie's missing car
LUCKY 7 AND CASE FILES - Dougie's "in the meanwhile" reveals he has had "episodes" / The gunman statue / The white sculptural form with the red balloons / Dreamland again / Kafka and insurance / Bendersville and other references to bending / Frank's coffee / Green and lying / A homework game / Repeat of urgent need to use the bathroom / Cooper-Dougie turns down an opportunity for infidelity / Standing watch / Approaching the green on an alchemical level
THIRTY JACKPOTS IN A ROW - Green and the recording of Cooper-Dougie winning jackpots / Candy and Candie / The seeming self-hypnotized obliviousness of the women to Rodney Mitchum Violently Kicking Burns / Reference to Hugh Hefner
LITTLE BOY STONED - Reorientation of the mother / Switch from Black Label to Moraga Cay (Key) Light Run / Stairway to unknown second floor / Stoning of the boy / From Doppelcoop's accident to Doris' concern over the death-trap car to the bombing of Dougie's car
CLEAN PLACE, REASONABLY PRICED - Minor oddity of the traveling blue rag / From the key of Moraga Cay, to no key for Dougie's car, to the green key of the Great Northern
I LOVE HOW YOU LOVE ME - 4:05 / From the RR subdivision to the RR diner / From Dougie's death-trap blown-up car to the Firebird / Peculiarity with the starting of the car, which is notable considering we just saw Dougie's car blow up when it was started, punctuated by the sign for charbroiled burger / Steven and the drugged-out mother / The complexity of this section / A sense of the real in the return / A quest for a spiritual love and a sense of meaning
7:00 P.M. YOU MUST SEE, HEAR, UNDERSTAND, AND ACT! ACT NOW! - The initial discomfort of Jacoby's Dr. Amp lightning bolts and his costume before we see it all for what is is and is not / The liberty lamp / The cosmic light (to be compared with the red room flashlight) / "Ignaceous" rock being possibly instead Ignatius / A touch of the Subgenius / Reintroducing Nadine / Those shiny gold shovels with their two coats guaranteed / The shovel as a bell
CAN I HAVE A LIGHT? - Bad Chad and the unknown trail on which there is no camera / The vier's search for the Richard of Richard and Linda / Richard as a replay of Mr. C and Darya / Lynch and Frost and their effective portrayal of real misogynistic violence
THE COW JUMPED OVER THE MOON - Mr. Strawberry and Lost Highway / Ingmar Bergman's Wild Strawberries and the vividness of memory / The question of had Mr. C planned to be arrested--for which reason he downloaded all the information on the prison--or had he only suspected it was a possibility / The cow jumped over the moon
BUENOS AIRES - The cow jumped over the moon and argent / Taurus and argent / Comparing these shots of the device in the bowl to earlier shots of the device in the bowl / How these shots force us, again, to rethink time in The Return / So many questions


WHERE'S HOME? - About that left hand / The absence of the wedding ring that was replaced by the owl ring on Dougie' hand / The coincidence of Cooper-Dougie struggling to cover his left hand after Tammy's examination of the print of the left hand ring finger / In the Land of the Lotus Eaters / The Arthurian Court and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and the reminder to always be honest / Wait, how does Cooper-Dougie know about the two rides?
DON'T DIE - Sonny Jim's gold star blanket, the casino and the "stars" through which Cooper fell / The oft-asked question of where is Dougie's car / Volume #3 of the Hardy Boys mysteries, The Secret of the Old Mill / The Hardy Boys' father was a detective / You're late / Jade gives Dougie a ride two times / The Twin Peaks traffic light changes from green to red, introducing the Red Room / Stairs and ladders / Stockton and Clark
FUCK GENE KELLY - Gene Kelly's Singing in the Rain, in which a singer lip syncs an actress, and Kubrick's "Singing in the Rain", in which a woman is raped / The Max Von Bar, Sunset Boulevard, and Max von Mayerling / Queen Kelly, the prostitute / Gloria Swanson and Joe Kennedy / Diane's white pageboy and Buella's black pageboy / The griffin
IT'S MAGIC - Sparkle / Red's left hand and Cooper-Dougie's left hand / The King and I / Time stops with the twirling suspension of the magic dime / 7:14 and the diver's Submariner watch with the date blocked out / Heads I win, tails you lose / Eastern-Asian influence and the Chinese designer drug
RETURN OF THE FAT TROUT TRAILER PARK - Chalfont and the Fat Trout Trailer Park / The viewer's search for Linda
MIRIAN AND MAGIC - Miriam and the magic pie with her name on it
CARL WATCHES A GAME OF CATCH-ME - Carnival of Souls, Blue Velvet, the trees in the park, and the confusion of reality with dream / Time and time again, the game of catch-me, and Cooper and his doppel / Comparing this story of the child who is killed to the story of the boy who is not killed by the bomb under Dougie's car / The telephone pole catches up with Carl, he having seen it before at the old trailer park / Red and Rhodd / Kokopelli and the robber fly with the long proboscis / KOKOPELLI AND THE ROBBER FLY WITH THE LONG PROBISCUS / The same corner where Gerard had the confrontation with Leland and Laura in Fire Walk with Me / Formica
THE ENVELOPE WITH THE BLACK DOT - The red square the the black dot
DAVID UNION GEORGE EDWARD LINCOLN VICTOR - Time and time again and the drugged-out mother in an exact repeat of her actions the day Cooper took Dougie's place / Lincoln and the license plate / The reversal
IKE THE SPIKE - Game of chance and statistics / Another photo of Dougie
MAKE SENSE OF IT - Okay, now I feel like they're talking to the viewer, telling them to make sense of it, that if Bushnell can parse Cooper-Dougie's mysterious symbols and connections then so can you parse Lynch and Frost
NOON-THIRTY--WHAT KIND OF A WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN WHERE PEOPLE CAN BEHAVE LIKE THIS, TREAT OTHER PEOPLE THIS WAY WITHOUT ANY COMPASSION OR FEELING FOR THEIR SUFFERING? - More red / A savvy Janey / Again, this seems a direct address to the viewer, after all the horribleness of the previous scenes, as to how people can act without compassion
THE DEATHS OF LORRAINE AND THE WOMAN IN PINK - The cardboard around the pipe in Lorraine's office, the glass box, and the petroglyph at owl cave / Spike and the robber-assassin fly and the Jumping Man
RICHARD WASHES THE GRILL - 1973 and the truck and Mr. C
HAWK'S INDIAN HERITAGE LEADS TO THE MISSING PAGES OF LAURA'S DIARY - From Red's coin to Hawk's coin / Have you studied your hand? and Nez Perce Manufacturing / Nez Perce and noses / Coin magic and argent / Jacoby's cosmic flashlight and his injunction to look at what's lurking in that toaster oven
DORIS' PAIN AND CHAD'S HEARTLESSNESS - Asking the viewer to examine knee-jerk assumptions and have some compassion


I DON'T KNOW WHERE I AM - ...humorously speaking for the viewers, I think / Who stole Jerry's car? Or did he lose it? / The check-in with Harry
THREE OF FOUR MISSING PAGES OF LAURA'S DIARY - Comparing this diary to the original diary / Did Leland hide the Pages? Is the "manufactured" bathroom stall a sort of Tulpa like Dougie? / Why the storyline of Hawk's heritage leading to their discovery? / A missing fourth page?
AT 2:30 ANDY INVESTIGATES THE TRUCK THAT HIT THE CHILD - Andy's mysterious conduct and Lynch/Frost setting up the viewer's assumption the truck's owner is toast and won't be seen again
DOC HAYWARD - Again, the previously unobserved behind the facade / Audrey Horne enters the story
THE CONUNDRUM OF MAJOR BRIGGS - ...and he's the wrong age / The appearance of the woodsman.
YOU HEARD ME - The ear of corn / Gordan can seemingly hear more than he would have others believe / Remember / A reappearance of two diaries--Laura's missing pages and Cooper's diary which is Diane
MY ATTITUDE IS NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS - What many women will suspect upon hearing Diane's attitude toward Cooper
I'M VERY, VERY HAPPY TO SEE YOU AGAIN OLD FRIEND - Encouragement for the viewer who has been trying to decode the mysteries / yrev / I don't think he greeted me properly / What they're still not discussing / Judge not lest ye be judged, and not casting the first stone
YOU AND I WILL HAVE A TALK - Diane's traumatic reaction in speaking to "Cooper" again likely confirms (does confirm) she was raped / Gordon's reaction to Diane's hug
5:05 - Promised talks and tellings of stories that don't happen / Questions concerning Andy's watch
REMEMBER THE DOG LEGS - Revisiting Lost Highway / I guess the doppel had planned this arrest and imprisonment / McClusky nod to The Godfather? / The beauty of letting it all be and remain a mystery.
A PREVIOUSLY OWNED CAR - Cooper-Dougie's cluelessness with his writing on his blotter, and the continuing theme of the paperwork to be filled out / The protective forces of Janey and Bushnell
SQUEEZE HIS HAND OFF - The statue with the gun and now Ike with the gun on the plaza / Janey ascribes to Cooper-Dougie things he did not say (variations of experience and misremembering events) / He smelled funny (like a skunk?) / The badge and the absence of one on Cooper-Dougie, and his missing FBI pin
A RINGING SOUND THAT BEGAN SOMETIME LAST WEEK - Nobody's here / Another untold story / Locating the ephemeral
SICK AND SUFFERING TOM - Lynch and Frost not informing the viewer as to with whom they should empathize
SWEEPING UP - All those cigarette butts despite the fact Richard Horne had been told there was no smoking / I may be making a big leap, but the sweeper in the club takes me to the sweeper in Black Orpheus who guides the musician to the underworld in pursuit of the missing Eurydice / How "The Girl from Ipanema" relates to Black Orpheus / The "rider" (spirit) and the "horse" (the possessed / The significance of the Bang-Bang, music, and remembrance, the revivification of spirit / The bikini of the girl from Ipanema and the bikini girls who serve as clues to the congressman's dilemma / The bikini of the atomic bomb (coined in 1946 because of Bikini Atoll) / The triskelion and trinity / The wrench or pliers and the bending back of Laura's arms / Wait! The pages of the diary were already found by the RR track before Gordon went to Bend, Oregon!
WHERE'S BILLY - Our timeline and any sense of continuity for the town of Twin Peaks is now completely busted


SPREAD THE INFECTION WHERE YOU SPILL YOUR SEED - Something I want / The degrading signs to the left and similarities to Cooper-Dougie's scribbles with the stepped wall / A symmetry with Cooper having been shot / The Nine Inch Nails Performance as a re-expression of what the woodsmen have just performed / Connections between the lyrics "spread the infection, where you spill your seed" to Blue Velvet and Dorothy speaking of Jeffrey's leaving his disease in her after sexual intercourse / Connection also to the child-creature in Eraserhead / Associations here to Jeffrey, the bug man, pave the way to other associations later in this eighth part / The mother in Blue Velvet and Eraserhead / What would the doppel be without BOB / Margaret's gum, Cooper, and his doppel
THE BIG FIRE - The birth of the nuclear age, July 16, 1945, 5:39 Am MWT / "Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima" / The non-existent Naido and Hiroshima-Nagasaki as one of the possible reasons for the Asian theme / Trinity and Gordon and Eraserhead / From black and white to color / The frenzied particles of Eraserhead and the "stars" through which Cooper fell / The woman in the radiator as Trinity / The Manhattan Project and New York / The collision of black and white fire and the twin falls
THE CONVENIENCE STORE - The abstract black-and-white world of the bomb's after-effects seems to assume figurative form as the convenience store and the woodsmen / Fire Walk with Me, the convenience store, and the non-accidental intercourse between two worlds
THE EXPERIMENT BIRTHS BOB - Her arms bend back / The experiment as Mother birthing eggs and BOB / Comparison to Henry / Reviewing the congressman's dilemma / World-destroying time / The gold
THE JUPITEREAN REALM - The world of ??????? and Dido, where we first saw Cooper in part one, at the beginning of the series, is also to where he fell after passing through the glass box in Manhattan / The self-sacrificing, faithful Dido of myth / The emanation of the spirit of Laura in response to BOB / Maybe it's just Dido because dd is bb backwards / Dido's curse on Troy and Laura's pony, Troy
1956, THE BIRTH OF THE CREATURE - The creature in the desert and its relationship to a story David Lynch tells while cooking quinoa / The coins of Lynch's story and magic and metamorphosis / The lucky Lincoln coin found heads up / The swinging lamp / The boy and girl have a conversation that is a close replay of one between Sandy and Jeffrey in Blue Velvet / The suggestion of psychic ability...or not / "My Prayer", the Platters, and David Lynch / The KPJK radio station / The triskelion / Woodsman's hypnotic incantation / The sleeping collapse of the waitress, the mechanic, and the girl


KYLE AS A HUMAN TIE-DYE ART CANVAS - In part seven, the conversation on the jet was to do with the reversed fingerprint, while now the jet is itself reversed / Cooper wordplay / More argent with Silverado / Another time anchor of 11:09 / Finally confirmation that Duncan works for Mr. C / Pun of Chantal and making the warden sing for her, though the surname, from canto, means "stony", and may this links to why she and the son of the 119 woman both wear shirts with the numeral one, these two scenes also connected by the time of 11:09 / Exploring the two birds with one stone idea / Silly Cheetos pun maybe
NOTHING ON MR. JONES PRIOR TO 1997 - The repeated Bushnell boxing references / The Australian guy with the pliers / Will we finally get some DNA leading Cooper-Dougie to Cooper? / The red shoes and the flag in the corner links COOPER=DOUGIE, hearing "America the Beautiful", to the totem pole and lamp in the corners at the Great Northern and the mysterious tone / What happened in 1997? What about this car accident?
NO CIGAR - Confusion over the right and left tail light as a police car in the foreground shows 911 / Ike drinks the same Black Label whisky as the 119 mother
THE BEIGE CHAIR OR THE RED CHAIR - Lucy the bell ringer / The red chair a dead ringer for the beige one but for the color / The viewer is still looking for 4-3-0 / Which Truman and which chair / Who won the argument and does it matter when they both will be happy?
JOHNNY HORNE - Comparing Johnny Horne with Cooper-doppelcoop / Ike and Eisenhower / The hole in the wall and Audrey / The pun of the dead ringer morphing to ringing one's bell
THIS IS THE CHAIR - Lucy's selection of the red chair leads to this red chair that contains the secret
AROUND THE TABLE, THE DINNER CONVERSATION IS LIVELY - Differences between the message Mr. C sent and the one Diane receives / Another not-quite-a-dead-ringer / Albert meets his match / So many red shoes now
I AM NOT YOUR FOOT - Our attention drawn to all those feet with the red shoes, we now focus on Jerry's foot / Angelo Badalementi's "A Real Indication"
TWO DAYS FROM NOW - The problem of Chad's two meals / Lucy's not there / Problem of Lucy dressed differently than she earlier was and her jacket on the clothes rack is blue not pink / Does something stink in the conference room / The problem of the saw mill / The anchor of a date in the future and a current place in time seems to show that our timeline is fundamentally correct (at least up until now, and at the moment), it is September 29th / Jack Rabbit's palace and the bunny question / Our make-believe world / The soil in the pocket / The Cooper message clipped from a message Briggs originally gave Cooper
WE USED TO SMOKE TOGETHER WAY BACK WHEN - Diane doesn't take the opportunity to tell Gordon about the message she received
9/29 OR 9/20 OR 9/26 - Bill's age, 43, as another anchor for the year / Bill's signature and the three dates / Bill's age, 43, Mr. C sharing the same age, and 4-3-0 / Ruth had indications, and "Real Indications" / Why is Bill asked what his wife's name is / The head of Major Briggs and Briggs as the messenger delivering his own message from the future / Bill had to hold the dead Ruth (like Cooper held Windom Earle's wife as she died / Alternate dimension that is like a dream
A MONASTERY BELL - A reversed order of shots / Continuing the theme of fidelity and infidelity, Ben is unable to have an affair with Beverly / J'ai une ame solitaire


MIRIAM'S LETTER - Richard's car and Diane's nails / Richard's reflection in Miriam's door / Breaking glass / Miriam's angel
RED RIVER VALLEY - Lynch and Frost take aim at poverty, hopelessness and violence / The trailers of Twin Peaks
THE FLY - The red of the napkin / Several stories of violence lead up to Candie's accident / This is no accident and the intercourse between two worlds
THE PHYSICAL - The black dot
LOCAL HERO - Another wrench in the timeline / Differences in Janey's interview in part seven and part ten / A looping, repetitive world / How can you ever love me after what I did
LOVE YOU - A smidgen of Audrey in Janey as she falls in love again
THEY'LL BLOAT LIKE A BIG RED FUCKING BALLOON - A red towel continues the red quadrangle theme / Candie loves Rodney, Janey loves Dougie, and now Nadine loves Jacoby, so we're all about love at the moment / Saving the children
YOU CAN'T FOOL ME! I'VE BEEN HERE BEFORE! - Time and time again. Jerry, at least, remembers
ANDY WAS EVEN THINKING THAT THE CLOCK HAD STOPPED...IT SEEMED LIKE FOREVER - Problematic timeline revealed through Lucy's clothing--yes, we have been here before, haven't we / Lucy's two watches / The continued obscuring the the date / The wrong letter / Pointing out again it's important to know which of the two to select as it could make a difference
CHARMAINE AND RICHARD - Charmaine and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest / Repetitions in time that seem to go on forever, carrying over from Lucy's talk on the clock seeming to have stopped / Argent / Comparing this scene with the famous "bear" in The Shining / A similarity to Catherine Martell telling Shelly, "I can't understand a word you're saying..."
OUR MR. JONES PROBLEM - The pause sign as on the television screen
NOW I KNOW HOW BRANDO FELT - Time and time again, the roulette table video, 2:35, 2:53, and Candie's inversion (in the version) layer
LAURA APPEARS AT GORDON'S DOOR - A pointed assertion of Lynch the artist / Smoking questions over the message from the doppel to Diane / The photo of the doppelganger in the New York penthouse
DO YOU WANT TO HAVE DINNER WITH ME? - Our timeline with Ben and Beverly is broken / The revealing that Ben and Sylvia are separated
LAURA IS THE ONE - Truman as true man / The ambiguity of "Laura is the one" / "James is the one" / Reinstating Laura as an ongoing concern of the series
NO STARS - Rebekah del Rio in Mulholland Drive / Possibile relationship to Dido / Silencio


BECKY TAKES SHELLY'S CAR AND SHOOTS UP GERSTEN'S DOOR - Shelly and The Wizard of Oz / Bobby and Shelly / Shaking up the Becky and Steven story with Becky going nuclear / The Wizard of Oz and Wild at Heart / Sailor / Laura as the good witch / Gersten Hayward and Glinda the good witch / Carl's magic van and the VW logo / Kokopelli and Carl
THE PORTAL IN THE SKY - From Shelly and Gersten and The Wizard of Oz to the vortex at Sycamore in Buckhorn / Diane's reverse view of the woodsman in comparison with other reversals / The creation of a myth for our times / The black dot within the vortex / The woodsmen on the stairs / Briggs and his knowledge of the future / Etant Donnes and the two holes in the Jupiter palace, and a possible inspiration for 4-3-0.
WE'RE LATE FOR DINNER! IT'S WAY PAST 6:30!!!! - Examining the boy with the gun and the sick girl as much like a dream restatement of Bobby's feelings concerning Becky's shooting up Gersten's door, and the dinner conversation with Becky and Shelly / The traffic jam and the piling up of scenes in a limited time frame.
THERE'S FIRE WHERE YOU ARE GOING - A living map / The traffic jam / Candie's speaking of being luck to have cooling with the coming heat and Margaret warning about fire.
CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF - More heat with the hot tin roof / The shaking / Prevented from learning the place the coordinates represent by the arrival of coffee and doughnuts, but then are the coordinates in the photo the same as the coordinates in the field? Differences between the photo of Ruth's arm and how she was observed in the field.
NOBODY KEEPS BATTLING BUD ON THE ROPES FOR LONG - Battling Bud and Bushnell Keeler / The motif of the righteous fighter / Catastrophic and cat on a hot tin roof
2:23 - Purpose of the scene.
ENTERING THE DREAM, 5:30 - The Godfather and Santino's / Candie's cut and the problem of the accidental as versus cosmic design / The relationship of the cut on Rodney's cheek to the cut on Cooper's cheek received in the second season story of Cooper being taken hostage at Dead Dog Farm and Jean Renault dying there / The dream of the pie
HEARTBREAKING - Melancholia and the sense of the too-good-to-be-true dream / Friends and smoking / More traffic / Gersten and the piano player / Cooper-Dougie has become special to us all


LET'S ROCK - The Mayfair and Lincoln possible association / The Red Room and the Mayfair / Let's rock and the disappearance of Chet Desmond / The other world and the "real" world seeming to come closer and closer together, a veil withdrawn / The influence of the "other", the dream world, on the real world.
OUT OF THE WOODS - Jerry has been without food and water for how long?
ALBATROSS JERKY - The African buffalo and the beef jerky / The meaning of the albatross / Why the emphasis on the turkey jerky and a possible pun / The mariner and the sailor boy
NEW FAT TROUT TRAILER PARK - The spilling of the African Buffalo blood to the beef and turkey jerky and Bloody Marys to "Keep your blood".
PLAY BALL - A sweet scene but also a reminder of the boys who found Bloody Miriam (Mary) when playing ball.
JUST SOMETHING IN THE KITCHEN WHAT'S IN SARAH'S KITCHEN - The implications of the "bad story" / The fan and possession.
MIRIAM IN THE HOSPITAL - Raising concerns over Miriam's safety in the hospital.
LAS VEGAS? - Showing the viewer Diane knows something about Las Vegas.
I LOVED THAT BIKE THAT MY FATHER GOT FOR ME - Rearranging the Ben and Beverly timeline / Why perhaps Benn doesn't mention Richard's assault of Sylvia / The problem of Audrey.
WHAT KIND IS IT? 11:05 - The missing woman / A nod to Lil and more word play / A woman who makes you wish you spoke a little French / The fine bordeaux, the Langue d'Oc and troubadours
NEXT STOP, WENDYS - The drama of the missing parent.
THE NINTH LEVEL OF HELL WILL WELCOME YOU - Jacoby's broadcast is a repeat of part five with some differences, some of Nadine's shots a repeat / A crescent waning moon / What waits for one in the ninth level of hell
AUDREY AND CHARLIE - The puzzle of Audrey and her disconnect from the rest of the return / Billy Zane / Four Quartets / A new moon / The relationship of the 1940s to the bomb in Audrey's life.
CO-ORDINATES PLUS TWO - Coordinates pronounced as coordineights / The perplexity of a change of clothing in the second bar visit.
A FREE MAN - Losing her mom like that / Trick / The shaking hand.


SEVENTH HEAVEN - It's so too good to be true that we're nervous, and "Dance of the swans" signals that maybe we should be nervous.
ARM WRESTLING - No 3moking / The nursery school teacher / The audience put in the position of championing Mr. C / Time and time again wrestling match / The Dutchman
TONY THROWS OUT COOPER-DOUGIE'S POISONED COFFEE - Tony's dandruff / Cooper-Dougie's remarkable golden touch effect continues, righteousness following his innocence (and cherry pie) wherever he goes.
STEVEN MISSING FOR TWO DAYS - More missing people / Can cherry pie make everything good for Becky again?
TONY'S CONFESSION - Righteousness follows Dougie-Cooper right into Bushnell's office with Tony's confession and his crediting Dougie with being responsible for his change and saving his life.
NORMA'S DOUBLE R FRANCHISE - The continuing traffic jam effect / Bobby as the fatherless son rather than the father / Norma not so stuck in the past as she appears.
JACOBY AND NADINE REUNITED - How, in the small town of Twin Peaks, have they not seen each other for seven years, not run into each other?
THE TIME AND TIME AGAIN BOXING MATCH - Exterior shot of the Palmer house has differences from the interior shot / The bosing match and the change in the 8th repeat.
WHAT STORY IS THAT, CHARLIE? - The 1940s living room / I feel like I'm somewhere else...and somebody else / Do I have to end your story, too?
JUST YOU AND I, TOGETHER, FOREVER - Comparing Laura, Donna and James to Anna, Claudia and Sandor in Antonioni's L'Avventura / Of whom is James singing?
TWO EDS - The separate lives of Ed and his reflection / The burning paper.


GORDON RETURNS SHERIFF TRUMAN'S CALL - Bora-Bora as a doppelganger joke.
WE ARE LIKE THE DREAMER - The story of Lois Duffy and the Blue Rose / Blue Rose explanation / The Jumping Man window washer and Diane / Janey-E is Diane's half-sister / The Parisian dream / The triskelion makes an appearance again
JACK RABBIT'S PALACE - The vortex 253 yards from Jack Rabbit's palace / The Fireman and the revelations given Andy / What is in Lucy's future? / Lincoln, the announcement of Laura's death, and Lincoln's doppelganger / Butoh
THE DOG AND THE PAJAMAS - The mystery of the dog / The mystery of the mumbling man / Looking back at Lucy's conversation about the thermostat and the furnace and the problem of telling what is happening when no one is there
FREDDIE AND THE GREEN GLOVE - The pulverized walnuts / The infidelity theme again / Freddie's story of meeting the Fireman / The green glove and the pun with Marjorie Green's dog, Armstrong / The fugitive / A day in the life / From being reminded of Lucy's conversation about the thermostat and furnace to the ringing tone in the furnace room at the great Northern
SARAH PALMER DRINKS AT ELK'S POINT BAR - The revelation of the Experiment within Sarah and another face beyond that
THE BANG-BANG - From the nuthouse at the jail, to Freddie obliterating walnuts (the fruit of which looks like brains), to the nuthouse at Megan's, and Audrey's Billy.


MR. C VISITS PHILLIP JEFFRIES ABOVE THE CONVENIENCE STORE - The confusion of Mr. C and Cooper / Judy has already been met / Richard is Audrey's son / A different time stamp for the "Las Vegas" message
THE GREEN GLOVE SAVES JAMES - Possible connections for ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man"
THE WRONG DOUGIE JONES - And a girl with bunny slippers
THE DEATHS OF DUNCAN AND ROGER - French fries and Gordon's French woman
THE ELECTRICAL OUTLET - Sunset Boulevard and Gordon Cole / Connecting this scene to the one in which Albert first goes to Diane
RUBY'S SCREAM - What it means on one level, and how, through the axolotl, it connects with the Tleilaxu of Dune