Big Sofa

Below is fun had by me when the internet was young, bits which I am reluctant to relegate forever to the wastebasket. The first relic is "Big Sofa", on which I played around with some friends, about 1998-1999.

If All the Seas Were Ink, We'd Call Them Fish Tales

The second offering is a website of fairytales I rewrote for my son, also from 1999. The art was all fledgling attempts in Photoshop using a mouse, not a Wacom tablet, and much will seem clumsy now. The web design is certainly old school. My son insists that I keep it around for old time's sake. People seemed to enjoy them, and if you have children you may as well (and perhaps even if you don't have children).

Header image is "The Rose Garden", 2014, Juli Kearns.