The Film Analyses

After Fear and Desire, the Kubrick analyses are shot by shot, with screen grabs from each. I've been asked why I don't do videos for Youtube or podcasts, but I've opted to handle the analyses in this manner, which would be impossible in a podcast or on Youtube, considering the scope of the project and the amount of cross-analysis of shots done.

I began putting the analyses online in 2007, beginning with Kubrick's The Shining and Antonioni's Blow-up. I followed with Eyes Wide Shut, A Clockwork Orange, Zabriskie Point, The Passenger, 2001, Lolita, Day of the Fight, and Killer's Kiss. The majority of the analyses were in place by 2011-2012. They were at first on my blog but the load was too much for my shared server situation so I moved the analyses over to static html in 2012. I periodically return to fine tune, and add additional insights in the analyses and by way of supplemental posts.

The Killing was completed and added in 2016, as well was a more intensive look at Fear and Desire added in 2016. Previous to that I only had a post on Fear and Desire and The Tempest.

Barry Lyndon is in the works but may take a while.


First off, I put together at this link a "Ridiculously Big Idyllopus Kubrick Film Index Page" if you want to see bare-bones keywords outlines for each of the analyses all on one page along with links to all the analyses. Good for finding some ideas though not comprehensive. Anyway, try it out.

Day of the Fight, Kubrick's first film effort, a documentary.

Fear and Desire, table of contents

Killer's Kiss analysis, table of contents

The Killing analysis, table of contents

Working on Dr. Strangelove

Lolita analysis, table of contents

2001: A Space Odyssey analysis, table of contents

A Clockwork Orange analysis, table of contents

Barry Lyndon analysis, table of contents

The Shining analysis, table of contents

Eyes Wide Shut analysis, table of contents


Blowup analysis, table of contents

Zabriskie Point analysis, table of contents

The Passenger analysis, table of contents


Twin Peaks Return TOC

Picnic at Hanging Rock - A comparative analysis of Joan Lindsay's novel, including the 18th chapter, with Weir's film.

Header digital painting is "Remembering Vertigo" from the After Hours at the Imperial Palace Cinema series.