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Rewritten by J. Kearns (in some places considerably,
in other places not so considerably, and in others
not much at all) from the translation by
Carol Della Chiesa of C. Collodi's original story

Illustrated by J. Kearns

1How it happened that Mister Cherry, carpenter, found a piece of wood that wept and laughed like a child


Mister Cherry gives the piece of wood to his friend Geppetto, who takes it to make himself a Marionette that will fence, dance and turn somersaults
3As soon as he gets home Geppetto fashions the Marionette and calls it Pinocchio. Troubles soon follow.


The story of Pinocchio and the Talking Cricket.
5Pinocchio is hungry and looks for an egg to cook himself an omelet; but, to his surprise, the omelet flies out of the window.
6Pinocchio falls asleep with his feet on a foot warmer, and awakens the next day with his feet all burned off.
7Geppetto returns home and gives his breakfast to the Marionette Pinocchio, who was still half asleep, had yet to realize that his two feet were burned and gone.
8Geppetto makes Pinocchio a new pair of feet and sells his coat to buy him an A-B-C book.
9Pinocchio sells his A-B-C book to pay his way into the Marionette Theater.
10The Marionettes welcome Pinocchio with loud cheers, but the Director, Fire Eater, does not.
11Fire Eater sneezes and forgives Pinocchio, who then saves Harlequin from death.
12Fire Eater gives Pinocchio five gold pieces for Geppetto, but the Marionette meets a Fox and a Cat and follows them.
13 The Inn of the Red Lobster.
14 Pinocchio, not having listened to the good advice of the Talking Cricket, meets up with trouble.
15 The robbers, catching Pinocchio, wonder how to extract the gold from him.
16 A Lovely Maiden with Azure Hair sends for the poor Marionette, puts him to bed, and calls three Doctors to tell her if Pinocchio is dead or alive.
17 Pinocchio eats sugar, but refuses to take medicine. When the undertakers come for him, he drinks the medicine and feels better. Afterwards he tells a lie and, in punishment, his nose grows longer and longer.
18 Pinocchio finds the Fox and the Cat again, and goes with them to sow the gold pieces in the Field of Wonders.
19 Pinocchio is robbed of his gold pieces and, in punishment, is sentenced to four months in prison.
20 Freed from prison, Pinocchio sets out to return to the Fairy; but on the way he meets a Serpent and later is caught in a trap.
21 Pinocchio is caught by a Farmer, who uses him as a watchdog for his chicken coop.
22 Pinocchio discovers the thieves and, as a reward for faithfulness, he regains his liberty.
23 Pinocchio meets a Pigeon, who carries him to the seashore. He throws himself into
the sea to go to the aid of his father.
24 Pinocchio reaches the Island of the Busy Bees and finds the Fairy once more.
25 Pinocchio promises the Fairy to be good and to study, as he is growing tired of being a Marionette, and wishes to become a real boy.
26 Pinocchio goes to the seashore with his friends to see the Terrible Shark.
27 The great battle between Pinocchio and his playmates. One is wounded. Pinocchio is arrested.
28 Pinocchio runs the danger of being fried in a pan like a fish.
29 Pinocchio returns to the Fairy's house and she promises him that, on the morrow, he will cease to be a Marionette and become a boy.
30 Pinocchio, instead of becoming a boy, runs away to the Land of Toys with his friend, Lamp-Wick.
31 After five months of play, Pinocchio wakes up one fine morning and finds a great surprise awaiting him.
32 Pinocchio's ears become like those of a Donkey. In a little while he changes into a real Donkey and begins to bray.
33 Pinocchio, having become a Donkey, is bought by the owner of a Circus, who wants to teach him to do tricks. The Donkey becomes lame and is sold to a man who wants to use his skin for a drumhead.
34 Pinocchio is thrown into the sea, eaten by fishes, and becomes a Marionette once more. As he swims to land, he is swallowed by the Terrible Shark.
35 In the Shark's body Pinocchio finds whom? Read, and you will know.
36 Pinocchio finally ceases to be a Marionette and becomes a boy.

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