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We at Idyllopus press are pleased to announce that we will now be the sole authorized internet repository of the authorized text versions of the cult classic films of Te Rue and Dottie Faux. The prolific duo, who have been creating films together since the 70's--and who are still going strong--have produced over 120 underground shorts which are honored among underground film enthusiasts but not generally known to the public. The creative genius of the pair is testified to by the fact they have gained such a level of cult fandom even though no film of theirs has ever been released, and that their work has only been available through up-till-now unauthorized text versions of the films, written by Dottie Faux, on internet fan sites. Dottie Faux, in an interview to the Urlybird Press, stated this was disturbing in that as these were unauthorized text versions they were accompanied by images which were not taken from the films, for the films have never been seen, and that the images often had nothing to do with the film story. It is because of the popularity of the unauthorized text versions that Te and Dottie decided, having been approached by Idyllopus Press, to grant Idyllopus the privilege of being the only authorized home-on-the-web of the authorized text versions of the films of Rue and Faux, text versions personally signed by Dottie and Te which would be accompanied by images directly taken from the films.

Because of the voluminous catalogue that Te and Faux have accumulated, it will take a little time for us to make available on-line the authorized text versions of these films. It may take a while for us also to pull together the various lively and insightful essays and criticisms on the works of Te and Faux which have been generated by both fans and professional and amateur reviewers alike.

the films, authorized text versions

The first authorized text version of the films of Te and Faux we are offering is the respected SAL, which was winner of the prestigious 1997 Gold Mum Award for an unreleased film in the 8mm category.

The Pool
This unreleased short was made the summer of 1980. Keyword: pathos.

interviews, critical commentary, reviews

Urlybird Times interviews Dottie Faux

Text of filmed interview of Te Rue and Dottie Faux on the filming of The Pool, with commentary. Yet to be transcribed.

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