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Director: Te Rue
Scenario: Te Rue and Dottie Faux
Director of Photography: Te Rue
Operating Cameraman: Te Rue
Assistant Director: Dottie Faux
Art Director: Dorothy Fauxman
Costumes: D. Namxauf
Editor: Te Rue and Dottie Faux
Dubbing: Terra Fou and Toddie Eru
Music: Tofu Ra and Rue Iddeot
Producers: Te Rue and Dottie Faux
Text Version: Dottie Faux


Sal: E. D.
Lulu: Paloma
Woman with brown hair: woman with brown hair
Sal's voice: Te Rue
Voice of woman with brown hair: A. C.

Misc Details

Running time: approx. 11 minutes 31 seconds more or less
Filming date: 1978
Release date:
Release date of authorized text version: April 2, 2000
Shooting locations: Atlanta, GA


1 Medium close up. Credits roll over interior view of window looking outside through security bars so audience will subliminally think of a prison. The camera focuses on the bars then the focus is extended to some houses beyond a parking lot beyond a wasteland of garbage cans and trash and dead grass and trees, and the focus keeps going back and forth more and more quickly until it is fast fast fast. Right now it is gray and drizzly outside but we might want to change it so instead of the sun being in the east and behind we could have it in the west and shining in through the window so that the bars cast shadows over the kitchen sink filled with dirty dishes covered with spaghetti and empty chili and ravioli and tuna and dog food cans and this will make even more dramatic the subliminal idea of a prison even though it is obviously someone's kitchen. Also, we forgot to clean the window so it's difficult to see outside, but this might add to the feeling of desperation. (2 minutes)

2 Medium close up. Small dirty dog named Lulu sitting beside a kitchen table its hind leg scratching its ear and thump thump banging the dirty linoleum tile floor. Cigarette smoke. The camera is nervously looking from this hand holding a cigarette on the table to the dog to the kitchen window back to the cigarette and then to the dog and to the kitchen window. POV of SAL, a large, drunk, hunchback woman. (5 minutes)

LULU (off): Bark, bark.

3 Medium close up to zoom in on window as SAL leaps to look out of it and sees a thin, young woman with brown short hair on the back concrete stoop of one of the houses across the parking lot. So it's a close up of the window finally but a long shot of the woman outside way across the parking lot. (10 seconds)

4 Medium close up. Exterior shot of the young woman on the concrete stoop closing her screen door, her back to us. Camera follows her dog as it runs down the steps and towards the garbage. (15 seconds)

VOICE OF YOUNG WOMAN WITH BROWN HAIR (off): Brownie! Damn, Brownie, not that way!

5 POV of SAL knocking over her full coffee cup as she reaches to grab for the cringing Lulu, coffee pouring off the table onto Lulu. (10 seconds)

6 POV of Lulu watching SAL's hands grab for it. (3 seconds)

7 POV of SAL rushing for the back kitchen door which is white and has a window with a torn, flapping screen hanging over it on the outside. (5 seconds)

SAL (off): Huff puff huff puff.

8 POV of SAL rushing down the three back concrete steps from the door, camera traveling over the yard that is all dirt and dead leaves and rusted nails and a rusted coil spring mattress interior with some cotton tufts hanging from some of the coils. Camera travels over the yard toward the garbage can area, travels up and shakily catches a glimpse of the young woman in the parking lot beyond. (a while, around 60 seconds)


SAL (off): Huff puff huff puff and sounds of leaves under her feet and scratching sounds like her slippers are crossing over nails but slippers wouldn't make scratching sounds. Oh well, leave it as is.

9 POV of SAL crossing over the area where the garbage cans are and now there is a bull's eye in front of the camera when she looks up (magic marker drawn on the film) and the bull's eye is on the young woman with brown hair who is running to grab her big brown labrador retriever. SAL is crossing through the torn bags of trash that are piled up around the full garbage cans and the banana and potato and tomato peels and egg shells and globs of wet disintegrating paper towels and toilet tissue and then she is through it and there is one last dead tree that is a hurdle to get through. (30 seconds maybe less)

10 Close up of dog named Lulu SAL is holding being thwacked in the head with a dead branch that snaps back. (5 seconds)

11 POV of SAL two steps now from the concrete of the parking lot, the young woman with brown hair turning toward her cut away before we see her face. (10 seconds)

12 Extreme close up. Young brown-haired woman's eyes wide with terror. (60 seconds)

13 Medium shot. SAL drops the dog Lulu on the ground and kicks it forward with her foot. (8 seconds)

14 POV of dog Lulu being knocked forward closer and closer toward the legs of the brown-haired woman. (however long it took, maybe 30 seconds)

SAL (off): You come back here, now, Lulu! Don't go running around the nice woman, Lulu! Lulu, that nice woman doesn't want you bothering her, you come back here right now!

15 POV of Lulu as the brown labrador comes rushing at her growling and snapping and Lulu turns over on her back and shows her stomach. (25 seconds)


NOTE: Idyllopus is sorry to report that we have not yet been supplied any shots from the film to accompany the authorized text version of SAL, but we are promised they are forthcoming.

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