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the living room

the bigsofa itself

vital statistics of the bigsofa

bigsofa mascot

our mascot, the bramha-duck

"Go BigSofa!!!" cheers our hybrid mascot, InnaBhagavadGita,
shown here with his loving and proud parents

"Our InnaBhagavadGita's godfather, Dr. Jacoby Broderbund, one of the scientists who made InnaBhagavadGita possible, has told us he was very discouraged when the movie 'Lucky Man' came out in the 70's," says Bronchi, InnaBhagavadGita's doting mom. "It depicted something rather like genetic engineering in a very unempathetic light, even cruel. Like it is inhuman to be a beast. With children growing up watching movies like 'Pinocchio', in which sin is equated with turning one into an ass, Broder told us he had come to fear his experiments would never be accepted. But when the food industry warmly welcomed the crossing of a tomato with a fish, Broder says he knew that the time was ripe for the unveiling of his dream, of which Gita is just the first step. I, for one, can't tell you how grateful I am for having been chosen to bear little Gita. He is such a joy. And then there's the broader picture which has benefited, as well. Crossbreeding has opened up the Mascot field in the most amazing way."

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