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the living room

the bigsofa itself

vital statistics of the bigsofa

bigsofa mascot


I promise that in this photo it looks much smaller and far less impressive than it actually is. We happen to have a very big cat which is a half Lynx. And we have a huge coffee table. If you want I can provide you with testimonials as to just how big and impressive the sofa is. As a matter of fact, why don't I do that. Right now. I hope these put your worries to rest.

"BigSofa is the New Yorker, the Fleetwood, and the Wagoneer of sofas. They don't build them like this anymore."

Brien, accomplished appraiser of sofas.

"Serving two purposes at once--as a very solid and comfortable piece of furniture and great metaphorical device, BigSofa rules..."

B. E., the most critical of sofa critics.

"I've been sitting here all this time. Highly recommended."

Brien E., sits on the bigsofa when visiting and eating pizza and watching movies, while I sit off to the side of the bigsofa and vainly attempt to discretely nurse a seventeen month old who is teething and doing somersaults on my stomach on the futon that Tim generously gave us when he moved back to Los Angeles, but you can't see it in the picture because I painted it out.

"This isn't the kind of sofa that says, hey get off of me. The sofa doesn't swallow you either. It's just right."

Brian e.

"I have always enjoyed a good sofa. I wish I could enjoy BigSofa more."


"This big sofa rules. Your place looks so different. So homey. Oh, right, I see what you mean, now you have furniture. That makes a difference doesn't it."

Matt K., paraphrased.

" i think that it should be mentioned that it could be a tourist attraction."

Adrienne, really

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