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freud's couch*
not the BigSofa

I don't know about you, but I had envisioned Freud's couch as being a cold clinical leather-upholstered job, no oriental throws or pillows.

lotus eaters

"I always come this far and open my eyes. The spell breaks and I try to re-see the rabbits, so tame through having never been hunted, that played in the hedges and along the road. And I see the purple and silver of thistle growing between the broken glass and sunheated stones, the ants moving nervously in single file, and I turn and retrace my steps and come back to the winding road past the hospital, where at night in certain wards the gay student nurses dispensed a far more precious thing than pills to lucky boys in the know..."

ralph ellison, the invisible man

however energetic and eager, the happy ocean of frolicksome, gold brocade waves which was bigsofa must be professed to have been a seeming failure at, well--who is bigsofa to judge itself? truth be known, bigsofa intentionally failed. why be focused and easy to navigate? reread the consummate, cover-all-territory job description which the gods offered Odysseus; the fine print states, "you will wander." Nod not only beckons, it demands our time. there is, however, the wandering of the sleepy, and the wandering of the awake. no, correction. there is wandering and then there is the journey, and it does appear that wandering is requisite to the journey.

bigsofa evoked wandering a mite too articulately. bigsofa was told this at the beginning and ignored what it was told in favor of being obtuse.

bigsofa was a playground with a jungle gym that invited one to climb all over it but the noon sun was hot and at around three years of age most dogs realize that if they run to pick up the rubber ball and bring it back to you then you will just throw it out there again.

bigsofa dumped its visitors in the middle of a quarry, and gave them a sledgehammer and some big rocks to hack at. bigsofa also gave balloons and party favors because it wanted to make the labor fun (snow white's seven dwarves whistled while they worked). what the sofa didn't do is tell them what they were working at. bigsofa didn't because it was reasoned that bigsofa's visitors were always going to be heading somewhere else, coming here from somewhere else. the work of the visitors was to make their way home. the challenge bigsofa presented was wall after wall in the form of webpages. plough one down and up popped the next. this was not to mock its visitors; bigsofa was only making sport of itself.

when you're done looking at bigsofa's flavorful, 2nd official welcome page, return here by clicking away the browser window in which the welcome page came up and continue on...


The "core" of bigsofa requires a color-coded navigation scheme. White links to the new "core". Tan links to the "old."

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james joyce's lotus eaters
saul Bellows reviews the invisible man

*Freud's couch image from the web, visit the Sigmund Freud museum to view his couch in all its colorful glory.
Quoted excerpt from Ralph Ellison's "The Invisible Man"

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