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In need of coaxing? Baffled by all the graphics? Hey, you've come this far! Don't give up. Walk away now and you'll have no clue of all the pages of fun reads BigSofa is offering here, along with all kinds of other goodies! How many sites out there only offer you links? BigSofa offers substance! BigSofa is a virtual warehouse of substance! You'll want to return again and again! BigSofa is that new scintillating someone to which "out of sight, out of mind" does not apply. When you leave you will continue to think of the BIGSOFA. When you sit down on your sofa, BIGSOFA will be with you. When you brush your teeth you'll remember that BIGSOFA recommends good dental hygiene. When you get on your computer you'll wonder if BIGSOFA is out there at that very moment loading more content onto the BIGSOFA site. Throughout the day BIGSOFA will pop into your mind.
And suddenly, it will strike you, you've become accustomed to our face.

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FURTHER STUDY HELPS: Fish are always a rich resource for contemplation. Good brain food. Eat a salmon today. But take care not to assume the character of a fish hatchery salmon which has lost the knowledge which its wild cousin possesses. Fish hatchery salmon will innocently browse the surface waters for food. A salmon in the wild, if it adopted this tactic, would be a flying fish inside the belly of a bird.