Approaching the Grand Canyon's South Rim, There Is a Mountain, and Vultures...

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The Grand Canyon

Digital photograph with post processing

How to see. I typically work against the spectacle in my photographs. I usually don't pursue the ironic comment. This photo is however titled "The Grand Canyon" where there is no formidable crevasse. Instead there is the unexpected protuberance from the flat earth as one approaches the Grand Canyon. Driving from the south, on highway 64, the trip from interstate 40 to the Grand Canyon Village is about an hour. One travels for 60 miles in anticipation of the remarkable hole in the ground, and perhaps no mind is paid to what is viewed en route, for the goal and reward is the spectacle and what is passed along the way becomes almost an impediment to that pleasure. This, however, isn't a trite encouragement to take note of the journey. It is simply a view of what one sees in anticipation of the great Grand Canyon, its frame the car window, because that too is the typical experience on one's approach.

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On this shot: Approaching the Grand Canyon