The sessions with Junko Takeo

Marty’s had the pleasure this week of–via recording sessions with jazz pianist, Takana Miyamoto–working with koto player Junko Takeo. I wanted to witness some of this, and she had invited me to come down, but never could sync things up with H.o.p. to get down there. I had hoped, but…and now he is playing some of the tracks. Beautiful. And Marty says she was just the most exceptional person with whom to work. An incredible experience not just musically but personally.

Marty was hopeful for a couple of pics but the camera battery was running down. He may have gotten one.

Zach Pride was on bass and Quentin Baxter was on drums. Marty has worked with Zach several times and says he’s a great bassist and wonderful person. Feels like he made a new friend with Quentin, who he met for the first time this week. And Marty says Takana, as always, is Takana, “…which is a very good thing”. With her and for her, making music is not technical, it’s spiritual.

(There were a couple of copies of “Unending Wonders of a Subatomic World” down at the studio, and Quentin got a glimpse of it and the book to read while flying to China. Hope he enjoys it.)

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