Howard Hughes and his Kleenex box shoes?

OK, so the night before last we finally watched “The Aviator”. And afterward I went around the net reading up a little more on him, most all of which turned out to be the same few facts repeated over and over again. Seems no one could give an account of his four plane crashes in one article, which I thought was curious. If they talked about the 1946 crash, they didn’t talk about the 1943 crash into Lake Mead, or the “Hell’s Angels” crash. If they talked about the “Hell’s Angels” crash they didn’t talk about the others.

One of the main facts given was he later wore Kleenex boxes as shoes because of his germ phobia.

I was in the bathroom just now and there in front of me was a Kleenex box, nearly empty. I wondered, “What does it feel like to walk around in Kleenex box shoes? I bet it’s not very comfortable.” So I took out the last few Kleenex and slipped the box on my foot.

Did the man have munchkin feet or something? I have a size 8 to 8 and 1/2 foot in women’s shoes. Wear a 6 in men’s boots. That Kleenex box hurt! It was too short, jamming my toes. Unexpectedly, the opening grated against my ankle and hurt it. I took only two steps in the box and took it back off. No way possible I could walk with that Kleenex box as a shoe. Jammed toes and grated ankle were not “I can ignore” this unpleasantries. The box was painful.

What? Did he have specially made Kleenex boxes? Did Kleenex make special size blank Kleenex boxes for him? Did he have assistants in white gloves cutting up Kleenex boxes and duct taping two boxes together for shoes?

I’m puzzled. I don’t know how Howard Hughes could have worn Kleenex boxes for shoes.

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  1. Who are you? Krusty the Clown? What man has size 6 men’s shoes except for a midget. I always figure size 10 or above is common, and it is. You have tiny little feet.

  2. First, the book on Hughes that everyone should read is a new one with more truth in it than any I have read. It is called, “Boxes” by Douglas Wellman.

    Second, does anyone know what size shoe Hughes wore?

  3. The man was pretty much down to 90 pounds. I bet his feet were really small…maybe not in size but even your feet get thin I think when you are starved to death. He ate like a pea a day or something. He probably could not even feel his feet.

  4. Not that I have a clue if he used them, but there are super-sized kleenex that come in larger boxes. Or maybe he had tiny geisha feet.

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