All ya gotta do is replace a few words

Not new news, that the government is spying on anti-war protesters.

Why throw away perfectly good old posts when a couple of minor adjustments will do.

See also Bush calling the constitution just a goddamn piece of paper. Old news in blogworld as it’s over a few days old but it suits.

More Dissident Dick and Janes in the same-titled category.

I may do some more one of these days, but I’ve been too involved in the Hanford pics to think about it.

And that may be all she wrote as far as Bush & Co. postings for the month. There are just so many ways and times I can write, “They did it again.”

2 Replies to “All ya gotta do is replace a few words”

  1. I thought I was always crystal clear accessible.

    I’ve this fantasy of GWB’s so-called 52-56 childhood home in Midland, Texas (we’re supposed to think “middle class roots!”) being restored not so much as it was but with pics from Sally, Dick and Jane books as guides.

    Midland. They were plotting even then. Midland. “They’ll vote for the boy from Midland, you bet they will, simple-minded Americans!” And they did.

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