Quick, what’s the first thought that springs to your mind when you view this image

Boingboing today pointed to this film, “Century 21 Calling…”, dated 1964 but courtesy of the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle.

Toward the beginning of the film, the camera following a teenage couple gleefully riding the monorail, we get this rear shot of them.

What first comes to your mind?

Me? I thought, ah, so here we have the nativity of the early Star Trek uniform, the dark oxford shirt with brighter cardigan. And I decided to later blog about this astute notice on my part.

I watched the rest of the film then dragged my 12 year old son in.

“Young son,” I said, “come and look at the childhood home of your antique mother. See how the natives dressed. Ogle the Space Needle. These are the scenes as I would have viewed them at the tender age of five.”

I began to play the film for him. The first words out of his mouth? As this above scene played on the screen, he whooped, “It’s Star Trek!”

We’re not even Star Trek geeks. Though I used to love the show, we’ve never watched an episode with him. Yet this rear profile–the haircut, the collar and cardigan–is immediately defined by him as “Star Trek”.

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