Uncanny Valley of the Dolls – Part Two

My seven-year-old son heard, from the other room, Patty Duke singing the VOD theme and thinking it’s some new CD asked me to buy it. My husband said it made him want to gnaw his leg off. Son comes in and I was playing the robo-mime girl for Husband, had told him robo-mime looked oddly convincing from the side, not right but not right in the kind of way where she looked like a movie version of the not right robo-mime played by an actor made to look not right. Son took one glance at the video and turned and closed the door, freaked by it.

2 Replies to “Uncanny Valley of the Dolls – Part Two”

  1. My son usually tells me music I turn up on the radio “sucks.” Generally, I tend to agree with him after some thought. That kid ruins all my great memories!

  2. Ha. Our son has pretty varied tastes. Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Thelonious Monk (When a toddler he used to yell to listen to Monk! Monk!), Charlie Parker, Flaming Lips, Noh flute, Mozart, Killing Joke, surf punk and lots more. Even Petula Clark. So we can usually find something to listen to we all like. Except that he will drive me nuts with Carmina Burana, listening to it endlessly, and The Lord of the Rings music (which I can’t stand).

    I have no memories of Patty Duke singing “Valley of the Dolls” and am just amazed it was ever released. Though there is something about it I like. But it’s not the music. The audacity of it I guess.

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