Whoowhoo–Oh, brother, now she’s writing about chemtrails?

(Note: I’ve updated with a higher magnification.)

Whoowho–now she’s writing about chemtrails? No I’m not and I put a question mark because I don’t know what this is and am wondering if someone can tell me.

So, we were near the end of the trip. We’d crossed the mighty Mississippi. Not a cloud in the sky. In Arizona, my mother had been talking to me about chemtrails, which I’ve read of but haven’t paid any attention to them. But the meme was planted and by now I was taking photos of trucks, being without anything to do and not feeling like reading, and when I looked up and saw an assumed contrail in the clear blue sky I snapped a shot just for the hell of it.

It is, upon zooming in, however, not a contrail. And the plane couldn’t be seeding clouds as there were no clouds and it’s far far far too high to be a crop duster. Besides which the effluent is entirely dissociated from the plane by intervening objects. As one can see there is the plane, a red thing below it to the rear and below that to the rear are the twin effluents, one of which appears to be preceded by a dark object. But there is definitely a red object between.

Anyway, I’m just curious what the plane is up to and I’m supposing that there is an easy “Oh, okay” explanation that someone will be able to offer.

Update: It’s been suggested this could be a plane refueling another, so I thought I’d put in a higher magnification to show why I don’t believe it is.

The original digital photo, the one at the top of the post, at 300 dpi an inch, was 2288 by 1712 pixels, or 7.627 by 5.707 inches. I blew it up to 16000 dpi by 11972 dpi at 300 dpi an inch, which was 53.333 inches by 39.907. Then cropped and reduced to 72 dpi for web viewing.

Maybe they’re dragging a purple-pink dino Barney blimp along for a joy ride, though that still doesn’t explain further below and a good bit behind the two staggered contrail thingies, one preceded by it seems a dark object.

Somebody please tell me what it is!

Update 2: Neil (comments below) suggests that high contrast may reveal v-shaped harness. I’ve upped the contrast in order to show more clearly what he may be talking about. It’s hard to say what may be color anomalies but there may be a v-shaped harness.

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  1. My loopy landlady reads nexusmagazine.com and takes her vacations at “conferences” covering UFOs and every other conspiracy–including weather control by the Pentagon through what you’re describing. I told her she could save a lot of dough by reading National Enquirer.

  2. I’m withholding opinion because I simply don’t know enough about it and in the case of some things concerning the govt I take the attitude of never say never. And I believe my mother tends toward the same outlook of never say never.

    As for UFOlogy, as I’ve seen one, which was obviously a UFO and nothing but a UFO, and haven’t a clue of what it was except that it behaved in a way no manmade craft is able, I’m withholding opinion on it as well and what it could possibly have been, other than a UFO.

    Regardless, I’m curious about this plane. What’s it doing and what’s that red thing and whatever it is below that looks like the source of twin effluent streams? You didn’t answer my question. 🙂

    (Maybe one day I’ll be somebody’s loopy landlady.)

  3. Could he have been testing skywriting equipment? I wonder, if you’d sat there watching long enough, whether he would have written “Eat At Joe’s” up in the sky?

    – Badtux the Puzzled Penguin

  4. Hey, I wasn’t taking it personally! 🙂 That’s why I used the little smiley. 🙂

    Still you ought not to drop the loopy landlady comparison so readily. I’ll have you know I’ve read my fair share of Robert Anton Wilson and Terrence McKenna and even some Jacques Vallee. And Brother Blue (I used to read a UFO alt dot newsgroup back in the late 1990s). And Philip K. Dick and his Exegesis. And fairy lore and myth and UFO lore and mystics and alchemists. And I even listened a few months to Art Bell back in the late 1990s, but only occasionally as he was so caught up in The End Times. He interviewed Vine Deloria once, which was unexpected and interesting. I’d never expected Art Bell to be interviewing Vine Deloria.

  5. Bad Tux, nope, I don’t think so. Too high and plane too big. Before posting this I searched a couple of hours looking for close-up photos of planes making jet streams and so on and so forth and photos that showed planes seeding clouds and cropdusting and I could find nothing like this on science or whoo-whoo sites.

    Here’s a skywriter and here’s another. Small planes. Flying low.

  6. I’m not sure what the plane/object are, but I’m pretty sure I know why the colors are weird. The color effect is likely just some chromatic abberation from the lens on the camera you used. Chromatic abberation is an effect of different color wavelengths having different focal lengths for a lens. This effect is common for many cameras, particularly digital cameras and is usually more amplified on objects with small features. Basically, you need really nice Achromatic lenses to avoid that nasty color effect.

  7. I think it’s two small military jet aircraft flying close together making what looks to me like two separate vapor trails, one plane a black object behind the leading plane partially hidden by its vapor trail, plus a fat military transport plane flying much lower and to the right, and whose apparent altitude above it is an illusion due to perspective. Finally, I think you have a definite pink blob behind the transport plane.
    That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

  8. Someone on Shakespeares Sister thinks that it is a parachute drop from a C130, so it could be just a weird colored parachute, but I don’t think the military typically colors parachutes in bright, easily identified by the enemy colors. Still, that does at least explain the two seperate objects.

  9. Here’s a photo of an airdrop. Could be but like you say, brightly colored? Also seems big in relation to the plane.

    I can see perhaps the two contrails below belonging to two small military jet aircraft, and I happened to snap the shot coincidentally with them just behind. You can barely see it at the current resolution. A small black dot.

    By the way, I just noticed that down further and to the left is an aircraft heading in the direction of the other (or so it seems). Looks like some kind of jet when blown up.

  10. I’m staring real hard and waiting for the face of Christ to appear now, or the Madonna of Arkansas (I realized we were on the Arkansas side of the Mississippi), but it’s not happening. As close as I get is a clown with a big nose and open mouth taking a last breath as he sinks into the deep blue sea.

  11. From Hubby Obscura, who has two degrees in rocket science:

    Here is my unprofessional opinion.

    The “pink thing” definitely looks like a parachute, although the aircraft appears to have a low wing, which indicates a civilian craft. All military transports which drop things via parachute have high wings.

    There appear to be two objects behind the pink thing, one dark and one light, both leaving trails. Given that the lead airplane is not leaving a trail, the trail is not a normal contrail, as those occur at specific altitudes.

    My initial thought is that this is an icing test, in which one airplane carries a spray rig, and the airplane under test flies inside that spray to check the formation of ice on wings, etc. What this doesn’t explain is the pink blob, unless it’s some kind of drogue on the icing rig. In addition, the icing rig appears to be well below the lead aircraft, which is not typical.

    A picture of the USAF icing test aircraft is here.

    One possible explanation is coincidence. A parachute drop which just happens to be optically aligned with a higher-altitude plane leaving a
    contrail, which looks like two objects because of some “optical contusion.”

  12. A couple of observations. First, I thought it might be a loose, “finger-four” formation of airshow aircraft, but the objects making the trails appear to have no visible wings or tail like the lead aircraft. They appear to be some sort of containers towed by the lead a/c.

    Second, those are not contrails caused by ice or water condensation, they are some kind of smoke or chemical trail by the look of the density and consistency of the trail; also, the altitude they appear to be flying at is far too low in the sky to produce conventional contrails (the formation appears to be fairly low in the “haze level”; I’d estimate the altitude of the formation was roughly 5,000 to 12,000 feet max). If they were at high altitude (20,000 feet +) then you’d expect the lead a/c to be pulling a con as well. Also, the conditions the photo was taken in seem to indicate fairly warm weather as indicated by the green foliage at the bottom of the first photo. So what would appear to be an odd formation at altitude is probably an odd formation at low to medium altitude some distance away from the camera horizontally, which can make aircraft appear to be flying higher than they are.

    As for the lead aircraft, I don’t think it’s a C-130 Hercules transport: there are no signs of engine nacelles on the leading edge of the visible wing, I can just make out what appears to be some kind of structure atop the fuselage (cockpit canopy perhaps?), I can make out what looks to be the port (left) wing, and I can just make out what appears to be propeller blur on it’s front end. From the looks of the blunt front end of the fuselage, I’d say this was a single-engined, propeller driven, low-winged, tandem seat military trainer such as a Beechcraft T-34 Mentor, North American Aviation T-28 Trojan, or even an old North American Aviation AT-6/SNJ Texan, though I think the last unlikely. If I were to choose, I’d say a T-28B or -C model as they were used by the U.S. Navy for pilot training and carried arrestor hook gear for carrier landings–something that could be readily modified for towing duties.

    That brings us to the smoke-trailing objects: they’re not aircraft. They have no visible wings or tail. They appear to be some kind of containers being towed by the aircraft. I passed the enlarged image through some contrast enhancement in PhotoStudio and saw that there is some kind of inverted, “V-shaped” harness on the top of the white object that seems to be pointing directly at the red & black object between it and the a/c (any similar “harness” detail on the dark object trailing the white one is lost in the white object’s smoke trail. I would hazard to guess that the dark colour of the final object in the formation could be from the shadow of the smoke trail from the white object; the smoke trails seem very dense and could easily block out the sun by my estimation). And these objects are not pallets dropped from the aircraft; if they were they’d have parachutes and they’d be following a ballistic arc downwards under the influence of gravity, but they’re not–they are maintaining a constant formation to one another at a constant altitude and on a heading matching that of the lead a/c.

    As for the red object, I’m not sure what it is; it’s certainly not a cargo chute attached to the smoking objects as it would be behind them, not in front, nor is it a cargo parachute pulling out a pallet from the lead a/c (if it were it would be directly behind the aircraft, not apparently below it). There does appear to be some kind of line leading from it to the lead a/c, and this would be consistent with an object being towed through the air with it’s position below and behind the lead a/c, and then with the “smoketrailers’ below and behind it. Any reasonably heavy object on a long, towed line behind an aircraft almost always arcs downward on the line behind it’s towplane (the only exception are sailplanes which can easily adjust their position up, down, or sideways relative to their towplane). My guess is that the red & black object could be some sort of “drogue balloon” on the line between the lead aircraft and the smoke trailers, and that it was put there to create some horizontal spacing between the two smoke making objects to keep them from getting tangled in each other’s tow lines and to help disperse the smoke (or whatever it is) over a wider area on the flightpath.

    The other possibility is that it is an intervening foreground object (balloon? ladybug?)in between the photographer and the formation that just happened to be in that spot when the shutter was snapped.

    As to the purpose of such a smoke-making exercise, my guess (and paranoia) is as good as anyones.


  13. Well, they are using Military Aircraft here in east Texas right now to spray for mosquitoes, but those ships are running at treetop level, and not towing canisters, which is what these appear to be doing.

    Maybe it’s Osama Ben Laden dropping Little anti american mind warping chemicals. (ROFL)

  14. if this is a chemtrail couldn’t the pink object b the container that held the chemical and the pic was taken just as it ran out which would explain the cutoff of the trail from the plane. Just a possibility. Did anyone watch CNN tonite (Tues)..Aaron Brown’s segment on weather manipulation? It was brot up that we have not only had the technology to do this for quite awhile but may have already been using it. Altho nothing was said about the bill introduced in congress last March that went into effect a few days ago on the 1st. You can read about it here:
    109th Congress
    S. 517: A bill to establish a Weather Modification Operations and Research Board, and for other purposes

  15. As suggested by one poster I doubt it is of military jets. I seriously doubt this. I live near BAE Systems in the UK where aircraft are manufactured and also near military bases they test flights daily and never have I seen a military jet leave any vapour trails or contrails. NEVER!

    You do know that planes have to fly at 30,000 feet or higher for them to leave any contrails right?

    There are ways to estimate the altitude of planes and trails used by various government agencies and you will find this info on their sites. I think NASA show how the altitude can be estimated also. Very accurate I may add – at least they say as much when calculating altitude of contrails.

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