Our Visual Aid for Confirmation of a Ketchup-like Slow Leak In Radioactive Waste Tank at the Hanford Nuclear Reserve

A handy dandy visual Aid for Hanford Nuclear Reservation managers confirming a leak in AY-102, which they say, however, is slow, like ketchup

We have been watching the news about the AY-102 tank at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington State, to see what would develop. Yesterday, a friend send me this article in which the leak of the inner shell of the 44 year old tank is confirmed, but we are assured that the radioactive material is not reaching the environment and is, indeed, a slow leak.

Like ketchup.

Tom Fletcher, one of the top managers, reports, “I would say I’d say it’s more like ketchup,” he explains. “This is not a water like consistency material. It’s moving very, very slow.”

Despite the assurance the radioactive material isn’t reaching the environment, I told my friend the “ketchup” remark was begging for a visual aid. So I asked my 14 year old son, Aaron, to prepare one.

He did, and here it is.


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