Indeed, Virginia, You CAN Nail Jello To A Wall

Indeed, Virginia, You Can Nail Jello To A Wall
Indeed, Virginia, You Can Nail Jello To A Wall
AKA “Jello Christ”

Which is how art works. First Stelarc makes an art installation of himself, hanging himself from hooks, appending an ear to his arm. Then H.o.p. says, upon glimpsing a pic of Stelarc’s ear, “Let’s make a jello man!”

So, he makes a jello man that falls to pieces because it wasn’t made from the Jiggler recipe (two big boxes and only a couple cups of boiling water).

By which point, it occurred to me, that if you CAN nail jello to a wall, as has been proven on the internet…

So, I formed a plan.

And it worked.

And there you have it. Two boxes of jello and only a couple of cups boiling water does the trick. I nailed Jelloman to the wall. Well, it was to a board actually. But I have several pics of its standing against the wall to prove that I did it, in case anyone thinks it’s lying on the floor and not standing.

Now I can get down to writing for the evening.

Update: I see I’m getting suddenly a fair number of visitors to this post tonight, courtesy the presidential debate (what a strange world it is) and a poster at Metafilter wondering as to the veracity of McCain’s statement on the difficulty of nailing jello to a wall.

Below is another shot of our Jello man, showing that the board was indeed upright (in case there are doubters).


Jello Man stood up quite well and probably would have lasted a little while longer than the few minutes we sat happily ogling our achievement before we decided what’s done is done and over with and cleaned things up.







3 responses to “Indeed, Virginia, You CAN Nail Jello To A Wall”

  1. Idyllopus Avatar

    Isn’t it?! I’m too impressed with myself this time.

  2. karen marie Avatar
    karen marie

    yes, indeed, metafilter did us all a favor with the links to all the jello experimentation on the intertoobs.

    my favorite comment in the thread at metafilter is this one:

    It was a stupid line for McCain to use, every professional desert hanger out there knows that you freeze the Jello, drill a pilot hole, at which point you can either use a framing nail, or a wood screw to attach it to whatever board you choose.

    “This is just basic stuff here. I suppose that he thinks that using brownies as a load bearing structure is “difficult” too. What an amature [sic].”

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