The Jello Man Tragedy

Making a Jello Man was harder than H.o.p. thought it would be.

Just a pic for the blog: Jello Man Tragedy

Just a pic for the blog:  The Jello Man Tragedy

Those are the two shots I was able to capture before H.o.p., hysterically laughing, doubled over on the floor and that was that. Was time to step in and make sure we didn’t end up with jello all over the rug.

Well, we’ve since done some research at My Science Project: How to Nail Jell-O to a Wall and have realized that H.o.p.’s error was not using the recipe for Jello Jigglers! Of course!

We read up a little on jello and how it works.

Neither one of us thought it a good idea to try the Olive Relish Recipe provided by the Jello Museum as a historic wartime ration-wise recipe circa 1944. Neither of us understood how one could even come up with a recipe mixing lime Jello, vinegar, salt, olives, pickles and celery.

Tomorrow we try the Jello Man again. I may also make one and nail it to a board and call it my Jello St. Sebastian.





4 responses to “The Jello Man Tragedy”

  1. Jennifer Avatar

    Oops! Jello Man needs to get a spine!

    As for olive relish… I like olives, but that recipe is a tad scary. Makes me wonder if they came up with that because that was all they had left in the cupboard and were out of ration stamps.

    My grandmother used to make a scary lime Jello extravaganza that had celery, corned beef and something like cottage cheese in it. Sometimes we just don’t need savory.

  2. Idyllopus Avatar

    Lime jello sounds like a magnet for abuse.

    There is a blog where they do up old food recipes, like these jello horrors. One of them was some insane jello salmon concoction, but they didn’t have a salmon mold so they used a rabbit mold. I posted a comment and a link to a visual from Polanski’s “Repulsion” because it had been split second product recognition for me.

    “Wow, look! It’s the rabbit from Repulsion!”

    They never approved my comment and as it was the second time that had happened I got annoyed and stopped visiting them.

    Did a search and found the page.

  3. Idyllopus Avatar

    P.S. Maybe their comment program ate my comment instead of passing along for approval. Like my WordPress has eaten some comments of yours.

  4. Jennifer Avatar

    AHHHHHHHHH!!! That salmon thing is NASTY! Some Jello can be fun, but I’ll stick with fruity. I don’t care for aspic or any variety of it. Why on earth would they think of putting it in a rabbit mold unless it was a joke? That rabbit looks like it was freshly born and still retained its amniotic sac!

    Also reminds me of the armadillo cake in Steel Magnolias that was made with Red Velvet cake.

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