Stelarc’s Ear PORTRAIT taken by nina sellars

Hmmm. Came upon this story via Boingboing of artist, Stelarc, having this ear implanted in his arm.

H.o.p. comes up behind me and asks about it.

Me: An artist had an ear implanted in his arm.

H.o.p.: A fake ear, right?

Me: A cultured ear. It’s real. Kind of.

H.o.p. turned around and walked off.

Y’know on purely practical terms, I can imagine myself getting really annoyed with an ear on the inside of my arm. I’d feel weird about it and protective when toting things and would feel weird wanting to rest my arm on something and having an ear in the way.

But that’s me. I’m not Stelarc, who routinely uses his body for art performance.

Really, I don’t have any opinion on it. My thoughts on what the hell are these bodies of ours are a little different from what they were than when I was twenty or so.

As for H.o.p.–and I don’t think what he next did was entirely unconnected–he then brought me a box of jello mix and some cookie cutters and said let’s make jello and cut out shapes like stars and butterflies and…

“A man of jello,” he said holding up the gingerbread cookie cutter.





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