2011 Dragoncon – Aaron with Owly’s Creator Andy Runton

2011 Dragoncon - Aaron with Andy Runton

Here’s H.o.p. with Owly’s creator, Andy Runton, who was extremely nice to H.o.p. and gave him all kinds of helpful advice.

Dragoncon ended yesterday and Aaron’s floating on Cloud 9 today. It was a great year with everything he learned from Bakshi and Runton.

Plus he got to hear Wil Wheaton and Slyvester McCoy yesterday and met Brent Spiner. Nothing to do with comics and animation but on the final day it was fun to just attend a few presentations only for entertainment’s sake and hear some funny stories. Wil Wheaton and Syvester McCoy were quite humorous (I knew Wheaton would be, I recommended they see him). They never got to see Brent Spiner at a talk but briefly greeted him at his table and Aaron was able to tell him how much he’s enjoyed his acting.





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