Ride the Time Machine

What fun. BoingBoing points to the below Atlanta access DANCE-O-RAMA bit o’ episode from the early 1980s in which RuPaul teaches all how to dance the Timothy Leary inspired “Freakout!” to The Glass Family’s “I’m Losing it”. I’ve not seen anything this funny in a while.

Marty did the production on his first EP back in the 80s. The label was Wayne Gunn’s Funtone. Marty had only met Ru Paul one or two times previously, but he knew Wayne Gunn and it was Wayne who asked him to come in and work on it.

Ru Paul was supernaturally nice (it was refreshing, not cloying) and quite an actor. He wasn’t into his glam drag yet, was punk drag, but was still super-composed and gorgeous. One met and simply liked him. An overwhelming presence, physically.

Man, this video is funny. Love the girl on the left (Ru Paul’s right).

I’m losin’ it, I must be! Things don’t hurt the way they did before!

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Stopping at about 1:04 isn’t a bad idea. After that the bit collapses with the entry of a couple of out of sync faces.

Listen for the recorder, not that you can miss it. Perfectly 1968.

I’m now wondering if we still have Angel, Angel, Down We Go (also known as “Cult of the Damned”) which we recorded off the television split onto two videotapes many years ago. It’s a movie that deserves to be blogged. Jennifer Jones stars. Yes, that Jennifer Jones, wandering through loopdeloop psychedelia. You spend the film wondering how she got there, a question which is never answered. “Isn’t that Jennifer Jones? Oh m’god, that’s Jennifer Jones. What’s she doing in this? What’s she doing in this? What’s she doing in this?”

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