Probably one of the only parts of a dream I'll post here

This is probably one of the only parts of a dream I’ll ever post here, and I’m only posting it because it was so stupid.

I had it a couple of weeks ago when I’d caught some bug and was very nauseous for a few days but not throwing up. I wished I would throw up and get over it, that’s how yucky I felt.

That’s real life.

So I have this dream where I run to the bathroom and throw up and I felt so relieved, now I was going to feel better, except then some women janitors came in and were mad at me about it. Then the dream became kind of like “The Truman Show” but not. Had a same kind of feel as an early part in the Trueman show. One of those dreams where you’re stuck in the cycle of something happening over and over again, only I was witnessing it more than living it. And it turned into, over and over again, George Peppard, playing Truman Capote, going to a second floor window (I was watching from outside) and waving down at a car, and it was like a house and somehow also like the fake sky wall at the end of the Truman show, and then he’d run down and hop in a car to go with some friends to a party. And up above him in the wall part of the sky, on a kind of walk, was the real Trueman Capote looking over all this going on and after Peppard left then he’d go to his own parties that were like duplicates of the George Peppard-as-Trueman parties, except the Peppard-as-Trueman parties were like movies that came before Truman celebrating the success of those movie parties at his own parallel world parties.

It is weird when you dream of parallel worlds and George Peppard-as-Truman Capote resides in one and the real Capote resides in the other peering down on George Peppard playing like he really is Truman Capote because he does think he is him. The premise isn’t weird but the brain communicating via Truman Capote and George Peppard is.

In the end, I ended up getting in the car to go to the party. I woke up with the impression it was an old Ford Torino. We drove by a dream carnival that I’ve dreamt about maybe three times in my life, the last time over ten years ago at least. In the dream itself, I recognized the carnival from that last dream. I am usually on a trip on the dream when I pass by this purely dream carnival. It is always nearly empty.

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