Mr. A + 4S + U = ?

Mr. A + 4S + U = ?

Mr. A + 4S + U = ?
18 by 11 inches
Digital Painting by Juli Kearns
Based on a photo from the "Hanford Historical Photo Declassification Project".

Read the introduction to the Remixing the Hanford Declassified Project paintings

Uniform with gun + smiling woman in seeming evening attire + Manhattan Project = ? If you know the meaning of the symbols in the poster, please comment.

Is it possible the woman pointing out the question mark to the uniform + gun is this woman standing beside a Patrol car and teasing with sign language.

The Manhattan Project was some sexy fun.

"The Department of Energy, Richland Operations Office (RL) has aggressively implemented the commitments made by the Federal Government to openness in Government which was stated as a 'Fundamental principle that an informed citizenry is essential to the democratic process and that the more the American people know about their Government, the better they will be governed. Openness in government is essential to accountability . . .' RL is committed to responsible openness. The Hanford Declassification Project (HDP) was initiated by RL to declassify to the maximum possible extent all previously classified Hanford operations information (documents and photographs). There are over 77,000 declassified photographs of early Hanford (1943 - 1960) available... \These World War II and Cold War era photographs depict early Hanford construction and the employees/families who lived and build/operated the site."

Originally published on my blog in December 4 of 2005.

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