Franklin County Power Float Virgin Princess (declassified)

Franklin County Power Float Virgin Princess, Declassified

Franklin County Power Float Virgin Princess, Declassified
20 w by 12 in h
Digital painting
Based on a photo from the "Hanford Historical Photo Declassification Project".
copyright J Kearns 2006

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The original photo is from the 1954 Atomic Frontier Days Parade in Richland.

One can imagine what happened with this float. Someone was probably telling the designer and Franklin County officials that it wouldn't work, that the lightning bolt needed support.

"No," said the Franklin County officials, "it must stand erect without support."

For whatever phallic reason.

Then the morning of the parade, as the car started and began to pull the float, the lightning bolt toppled and hit the Virgin Princess' head.

Thus the ladder.

Atomic Frontier Days, Franklin County Power and Water Float, 1954

DDRS Record Details for Record Accession Number "N1D0003086"
Accession Number N1D0003086
Document Number 9010-NEG-1P
Alternate Document Number 9010-NEG
Document Date 07-Aug-1954
Public Availability Date 14-Feb-2002

Originally posted on my blog May 18 2006.

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