The Fire Prevention Parade, 1955, Richland, Washington

Tinted Photo of 1955 Fire Prevention Parade, Richland Washington

1955 Fire Prevention Parade, Richland Washington
Tinted photo, 2013

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The Fire Prevention Parade Wouldn't Have Been Complete Without its Very Own Nike Missile

Fire Prevention Parade, 1955, The Nike Missile!

DDRS Record Details for Record Accession Number "N1D0020078"
Accession Number N1D0020078
Document Number 14481-2-NEG-O
Alternate Document Number 14481-2-NEG
Document Date 08-Oct-1955
Public Availability Date 14-Feb-2002

Benefits of living in Richland, a Town Built by the Bomb? Your very own Nike missiles to make you feel more secure as you settled down to sleep at night! As a kid, you got fire prevention children's parades, where you took center stage on the street with your fire prevention signs and streamer decorated bikes. Of course, the Nike missile riding on parade with you made things a little more interesting. This Hanford Declassified photo I colored is from 1955 and features said Nike missile. Behind it was an anti-aircraft gun. And behind that were the kids on their bikes.

Fire prevention was critical as you didn't want to accidentally torch your home and the desert and your nuclear plutonium-making reactors.

This parade was before my time but the Nike missiles were still around when we arrived, as were the fire prevention parades.

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