Thank you to Tom Rouse who left the coordinates for the Boulder apartment complex of the Torrances (the facade) in a comment on an article at the Examiner. He misnamed the apartment complex as the Kimberly when instead it is the Kensington. The Kimberly apartments are in roughly the same area, about two miles distant on Thunderbird Circle. The Kensington apartments are at 2950 Bixby.

But no matter the misname, he left the coordinates, thank you!

The complex (pretty large) has buildings on four sides, for which reason I was unable to get a view of the mountains from beyond the parking lot, and so settled on a view of the rear of one of the buildings near an entrance.

Here is their FB page where you can some sample pics of apartments. Here are reviews on them at apartment ratings. Sounds like the kind of inbetween here and there place at which the Torrances might have landed.

They're right off Highway 36, and a couple of blocks over you can still get a good view of the mountains from the highway. Back in 1980 the Kensington was probably the very edge of town, and is still pretty close to it.

The apartments look much lighter in color the below image of them from the film. They do from a distance and in certain lights. I have also slightly darkened them above with photo editing.

The Shining - The apartment complex in Boulder

Google map.

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