Location of the Toll Gate in Shot 266

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With Charlotte's death, Humbert strikes out for Camp Climax to pick up Lolita. After a highway shot, in shot 266 we see Humbert's station wagon at a toll gate. The knowledge isn’t likely to make your heart go pitter-pat, but I was able to locate the toll gate based on the bridge beyond. At the time, the shot hadn't been identified so I searched around for images of toll gates in the northeast and finally came upon a postcard that matched, the distinctive curve of the bridge standing out. The toll gate used to lead to the Interstate Bridge between Kittery, Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

You may note that in this shot we see two individuals in the station wagon rather than one. We have also the same situation with the ferry shot following this one. As there are two individuals in the car, it may be that these shots were originally meant to take place when Humbert was traveling with Lolita rather than when he was driving on his own to Camp Climax to pick her up.

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