Killer's Kiss

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Found it!! The apartment building that Davey and Gloria live in? It’s still standing. The building is the Perry Arms, at 3156 Perry Ave. in the Bronx, cornering 205th. Not only is the 1925 building still standing but it even has the planters out front. And the rooftop is clearly the one Davey runs around on from his side of the building to Gloria's.

In the Google screenshots below, we see the entrance where Vincent picks up Gloria and the subway entrance Davey uses.

Since my locating the building, it has since been placed on IMDB. I don't know if that is from my find or someone else's. How I located the building was via the subway that Davey uses, hoping on the off chance that it was indeed right there at the building that was depicted as home, and hoping also of course that if that had been the case the building hadn't since been torn down. The film shows the subway entrance reading "Concourse - 8th Ave, Independent Subway System, Downtown to Fulton St. Brooklyn Queens." This was no help at all to me in locating the station, which in Google we see as the "205 Street Station". I had to look and look and look, not being familiar with the New York subway system, and finally came upon the right one.

Killer's Kiss

Killer's Kiss

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